Do You Know Why Basic Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything?

Do You Know Why Basic Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything?

Have you ever thought about what Medicare covers when it comes to your health?

Most of the senior citizens don’t know and feel reckless when they have to spend huge out of their pocket.

So, think about a supplemental medical coverage along with Medicare so that you can save bucks on time.

Here we have listed the reasons why you should consider supplemental Medicare plan:

Basic Medicare Dental work is not included

Seniors often need to have dental procedures done, from routine teeth cleaning to dentures and dental implants.

You need to see a dentist at least once in six months. However, Medicare doesn’t cover a single cent of your dental care. reports that government does not cover even the most basic dental care like dental cleaning, fillings, etc

Basic Medicare Hearing aids are not covered

Medicare covers only very limited hearing health covering only a very few doctor’s visits and tests.

Any sort of hearing exams, hearing aids or doctor’s appointment for fitting hearing aids is not covered in Medicare, according to

For most of the times, you will have to cover 100 percent of your hearing aid cost.

Basic Medicare Vision care is not covered

According to the Vision Council, 3 out of every 4 Americans need spectacles, and if you wear glasses, you know that you will need them for the rest of your life.

But annual eye exams are not included in Medicare according to

Any sort of glasses or contact lenses are also not covered which means you are responsible for 100 percent cost.

Basic Medicare outside the United States is not covered

Do you plan to quench your wanderlust and explore the world? But be careful if you are a Medicare subscriber as it provides minimal coverage internationally. clearly states that any medical care received outside fifty states of the United States is typically not covered.

Only emergency care is included which is also assessed on the basis whether it is necessary or not.

Basic Medicare Enhance Your Medicare with Supplemental plan

Ailments don’t knock at your door before they come in. So, you need to get yourself covered on all fronts from dental health to vision care.

You need to monitor your physical and financial health.

Most of the seniors fall into the Medicare myths, and the truth is revealed once they pile up huge bills on their pockets.

They discover loopholes in their coverage once they fall into the pit.

The best way to acertain that you are fully covered on the medical front is to find a supplemental plan that covers your biggest needs whether that is dental care, vision care or international travel.

Search online and find different private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans. Compare different plans and choose the one which suits your pocket.

Consider the monthly premiums you will be paying, and out of the pocket expenses, you will be responsible for.

Be careful to look for a plan which covers what Medicare does not.

Also, note that you only have a limited time to add a supplemental plan to your Medicare coverage.

The enrolment time from October to December is the only time of the year when you can amend your coverage.

If the idea of a supplemental plan attracts you, then start a search today and modify your Medicare coverage.