Top 5 nutrition Myths unveiled

Top 5 nutrition Myths unveiled

Despite the good availability of food in the west, we don’t eat very well. This can be due to many different factors: stress, genetics, environment, and a lack of education about food. There are countless myths about proper nutrition that can be very dangerous. Let’s discuss them now!


Eating small meals will help me lose weight

Many people consider starvation to be the equivalent of hunger. Therefore, they believe that if they are going to lose weight, they should simply throw away the food they eat. However, over time, their bodies will compensate and they will no longer see the same happy results that they used to have. When they do not see better, they continue to give up their food use. This often leads to a high level of malnutrition because their body is not given the amount of energy and nutrients needed to perform proper functions. This is because the body goes into a starvation mode: it greatly reduces metabolism and increases appetite. Therefore, to lose weight, people need to reposition their brain chemicals and hormones in order to work together to control their hunger and cravings by removing toxins from the body and supplementing with a balanced diet and exercise.

Eating fat = getting fat

This continues to be a hot topic in the nutrition world. The fact is, fats are important nutrients, which are important for metabolism, brain health, and the immune system. Fats help balance blood sugar, thus supporting adrenal and heart function. Fat is also a nutrient that transports essential minerals from the blood to the tissues so that they can be absorbed by the body. However, not all fats are created equal. Trans-fats are molecules that our body does not have the energy to use. Therefore, they continue to build up and manifest inflammation. To ensure the proper balance of body fat, it should be recommended to eliminate all trans-fat from the diet and to eat omega fatty acids instead.


Cholesterol Free foods are healthy

Many of us believe that to avoid coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, cholesterol should be avoided and that there is a direct relationship between the two perspectives. However, they found that dietary cholesterol was not the same as serum cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important factor in our chemical processes in our body and is an important part of many structures within the brain. Or like anything else, balance is key. Therefore, monitoring fat intake and lowering your sugar intake can lead to a much higher risk of heart disease or.


The same food rules apply to everyone

Not all foods are created equal. Each person has a different chemical composition, therefore, each responds differently to food, as well as other healthy food support. When it comes to healthy eating, balance is key. 

Calories in are the same as calories out

Many people believe that to lose weight and be healthy they just need to look at their calories. If they eat fewer calories, they will not gain weight. The fact is that calories are not equal to the calories out. The quality of the food relative to the amount of food determines the level of nutrition that the body will receive. It should be recommended to patients that a nutritious diet will have the right calorie load that includes organic fruits and vegetables, as well as the proper supplementation required by their chemical system.


Food and nutrition are complicated, we all know this, but many of us don’t make the effort to really understand what we’re eating. Nutrition myths are everywhere, created by people that want clicks on their website and want to start the next big diet. Always pay attention to the science and keep it simple. Keep whole foods, don’t over eat, and exercise. If you read a food myth that seems too good to be true then it probably is.