Laser eye surgery: the pros and cons

Laser eye surgery: the pros and cons

Continuing laser vision correction is a big decision, and it is important to make sure that the right choice is for you. To help you measure, we have compiled a list of good and bad things to consider before proceeding with laser eye care, so that you can fully prepare yourself for what to expect.


The Pros

No more lost or forgotten glasses: If you wear glasses, chances are you will at some point lose them or leave them at home when you need them most. One of the great advantages of laser eye surgery is that you no longer rely on glasses, so there are no more complicated searches around the house with your specs!


No more glasses in family photos: Have you ever looked back at family photos and wished you were not in your glasses? For big events like weddings, you may wish you could delete them, but you still want to enter all the details of the day. Laser eye surgery can help you see more clearly, in addition to those troublesome areas that take precedence.


Freedom to enjoy your favourite sports: Whether you enjoy swimming, rugby or keeping fit in the gym, you will find that your contact glasses or lenses are not good when you play sports. Wearing glasses for certain games is not allowed, and contact lenses are confusing, not to mention that you will need to prepare yourself with lenses and cleaning solution wherever you go. Laser eye surgery is a good choice if you have an active lifestyle, and during fast recovery, you will be able to return to your favourite sport.

No need to worry about the dangers of contact lenses: There are a lot of numbers on the sides of wearing contact lenses, not least the fact that they can cause serious eye diseases like keratitis. If you wear contact lenses every day, you always put your eyes at risk, and you will need to take great care to clean them to keep those risks minimal. Laser eye surgery is a permanent treatment, so once your vision is correct you will no longer need to worry about the dangers of contact lenses.

There is no need to continue paying for treatment: If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you will still have to pay for eye examinations, lenses and frames for the rest of your life. For the rest of your life, this can really add up – not just financially but also in terms of the time you spend visiting your optometrist again. If you choose laser eye surgery, you are choosing permanent treatment for one fixed cost.


Painless surgery: Many people have a lot of questions about laser eye problems (for example laser treatment is painful) but the procedure is not really painful because of the anaesthetic eye that your surgeon will use beforehand. You may feel uncomfortable after surgery as your eyes cool down, but this will pass soon.


The Cons

It’s a huge investment: For many people, the cost of laser eye surgery may seem unspecified, and we understand that it is a huge investment. That is why we offer many monthly ways of financing to help make vision fixes accessible to everyone. We offer options with a 10% or 20% deposit, as well as a no-deposit option, and you can spread payments over several years. Many of our payment systems are interest-free.


You will need a few days off work: Laser eye surgery is a very quick procedure, and you will be able to go home on the same day but to give your eyes a better chance of healing well it is better to take some time off work. In most cases, you will only need


You can have side effects: You may experience the side effects of laser eye surgery. For example, you may find that you have dry eyes after your treatment. However, this will pass soon as your eyes heal, and your surgeon will give you eye drops to help manage this. You may also find that you are experiencing some light or halo effect. This effect will decrease significantly in the first month following treatment and will continue to improve in the first three months. If you experience any side effects of laser eye surgery and are anxious, you can always call or book an appointment to see your surgeon.

There are other dangers: As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks to consider. However, laser eye problems are rare, and can usually be corrected with continuous surgery. The risk of complications is even further reduced by choosing a world-class hospital with the highest eye surgery providers, such as Optegra. We provide our patients with full care after ensuring that any problems are taken early, and we provide a 24-hour telephone call, so we are always here to talk if you need us.


For people that wear glasses or rely on contact lenses, the thought of not having to worry about anything and being able to have perfect vision all the time is a very exciting prospect. But, there are many things to consider before biting the bullet and forking up the amount of money for the surgery. Look at our list of pros and cons to help you decide if it is a decision you can make.