Where to go on holiday? Sea or Mountains?

Where to go on holiday? Sea or Mountains?

The age-old question, winter or sea? Cold or Hot?

There are two types of people on this planet, people that enjoy a winter wonderland with clean snow as far as the eye can see and those that like to basque in the sun’s rays beside the sea and catch a tan.


There are many things to consider when trying to decide where to spend your hard-earned cash on a nice relaxing break.


Just as with political affiliation, people have very strong opinions on this subject. Some people absolutely love a winter holiday and everything it entails. There is just no competition to skiing down a pristine ski slope. The other side will argue that the sun is good for the soul and you can go skiing on the sea if you really wanted to!


We are here to help by providing you with the things you need to consider when deciding between a sea holiday or a winter holiday



In most cases, you won’t be going on this holiday alone. While it might be a pleasant break, this isn’t always possible and you may have to grit your teeth and let your family join you on your precious break.


Taking this into account, you will have to discuss with your family which they would like, sea or winter? It is in your best interest to please everyone, but this is not always possible. 


It may be a good idea to research some destinations or activities to give everyone an idea of what the holiday would be like. While this is the perfect solution, there are bound to be some kind of compromises and you should be prepared for them.


Why Not Do Both?

Hear us out for a second. This idea is not actually that farfetched, let me explain.

You will be very surprised at the distance between snow and sea in many popular holiday destinations. This does however limit your holiday options quite a lot.

For example, you could holiday in Spain and experience both of these wonderful holidays. The beautiful Costa Blanca on the south coast of Spain is a big draw for English holidaymakers, but did you know that the beaches are just 2 hours away from the ski slopes of central Spain.

While it may not be the most ideal solution, all you need to do is hire a car and you could be enjoying the winter slopes in the morning and be swimming in the sea with a cocktail in your hand by mid-afternoon. France, New Zealand, Turkey and Germany are just a few countries where this is the case!



The cost of these two very different holidays could also stretch to the extremes depending on which one you choose. Obviously, whichever you decide to go with, you could do it on a budget, but one holiday may be easier than the other to achieve this.


With a winter holiday, it is likely that you will be partaking in multiple winter activities, most notably, skiing. While skiing is a lot of fun and a very memorable experience it is definitely not cheap! A week-long skiing holiday could set you back up to £2,000 per person, and that isn’t too much of a stretch. Because of the location, up in the mountains the hotels and restaurants are also usually quite expensive.

On the other hand, a sea holiday could be extremely cheap if you do your research. A family trip to a European seasides destination could come as cheap as £250 per person. Depending on what time you go, you could find a villa or a cheap Airbnb for £100 or less a night. There are also a whole host of destinations to choose from. Practically the whole south coast of Europe is covered in the glorious sun during the summer months.

While this is a very personal decision and one that you probably have a subconscious preference for based on family holidays growing up, it is still a tough decision.


Do your research and choose a destination carefully. While you may not have made your mind up a particularly cute chalet or amazing seaside villa could sway you in either direction.