Top tips to relieve stress on a long haul flight

Top tips to relieve stress on a long haul flight

You have booked a trip to your dream destination and you can’t wait to get there, but there is only one thing standing in your way with your amazing adventure: the dreaded long-haul flight. Whether you’re a nervous flyer or just anxious to spend ten hours stuck in a chair between two strangers, follow our stress-free travel tips.

Allow more time

If there is one thing that will increase the pressure of a long-haul flight, it adds to the pressure of the delay to get to the top. In advance, be sure to keep track of your travel times. Know when the flight is departing, when check-in is needed, how long the trip is and when you need to leave home. Then add another moment of time when you leave home. Airport security will not matter if you get stuck in traffic!

Make sure you are comfortable

You will sit in one place for a long time. The last thing you need is your jeans to dig inside or be careful to wear your jumper with a scratched label. Wearing soft, loose clothing and bedding is key. The air conditioning of the aircraft can be expected and the layers mean that you can adjust it properly. Eye mask, neck pillow and a pair of warm socks are the finishing touches you need for complete comfort. You won’t want to go down!

Create a plan

If you’re bored, you may start to worry. Instead of looking down on a barrel of endless hours to fill, try and plan how you will use your time on the plane. Plan when you will eat, when you will sleep when you will get up and walk around the plane, what books you will read, and how many movies you will see.


Airplanes can also be a good time to catch work uninterrupted. Do you have a big project to work on? Save everything you need to work offline and turn your head down. You will get off the plane on the other side and feel proud of how well you used the available time


Make sure you are covered in everything that happens

Each country is different when it comes to law and what to expect in terms of travel coverage etc. In some countries, such as Thailand and Cuba, compulsory travel is compulsory. Or otherwise, where you are going, the last thing you want to get to where you are going, find that your luggage has turned off and seen that it is not covered. Make sure you prepare ahead of time to remove the weight from your mind if anything goes wrong.


Think of ways to make yourself more comfortable

While climbing into the top seats can cost money in the bank, there are less expensive options to make you more comfortable on the board. Look for extra legroom, or pay to secure yourself with a hallway seat, or a place next to your friend.


No one likes long-haul flights, they are uncomfortable and incredibly boring unless you have three or four great films lined up. Preparation is key when preparing for your flight to relieve stress once you are actually there as well as the stress when you think about the flight. Takes things to make you comfortable and things to keep you entertained and your mind off the fact that you’re flying through the sky at 500mph.