The Best Family Hotels in 2020

The Best Family Hotels in 2020

Taking your family on a holiday is a bit undertaking and it will save you a lot of heartaches knowing that you have booked the perfect holiday that everyone will love before you go.

With so many different options to choose from you could spend years doing research and never leave for the airport. Adding to this the stress of pleasing everyone when they all want to go to different destinations. Some want the sun and some want the snow!

The most important thing is considering the time of year, weather and age of children. It is important to research and make sure the destination is suitable for your family. Have a look at the weather forecast and local news to make sure nothing fishy is happening in that destination.

There are some tried and tested family holidays that have stood the test of time, however. These holidays are family classics and always create some amazing memories.


Read on to see what the best family holidays are and why they have been a staple for travelling Brits for decades.



This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a good old fashioned camping holiday creates character and often allows you to explore your own backyard. The children may be the big decider for this holiday. It will be easier to convince children to go camping the younger they are as they love the outdoors and don’t care too much about sleeping on a blow-up air mattress.

A big bonus of camping is the cost. While the tent and all the equipment is expensive, once you buy it once it lasts a lifetime and you can go camping every year! Apart from the petrol money and the minimal pitch fee at the campsite, you could theoretically take the family on a holiday for under £100 in total! This means that you could go multiple times a year for a short weekend break without breaking the bank.


The Seaside Holiday

Another classic among British families is the seaside holiday. This could either be at the seaside in the UK or abroad (usually Europe). Brits have been hoping on short flights to picturesque Mediterranean beaches since planes took off. 


While there is the romantic idea of classic British beach holidays with companies such as Butlins facilitating them, nothing beats a bit of Spanish Tapas by the beach. This is also a holiday that the whole family will enjoy. The weather is predictable, the sea is warm(ish) and the children will never get bored at the beach as long as you buy them a lilo.


While you might think that this would cost a fortune, holidays for Brits to these European destinations can be snapped up at criminally cheap prices. With a bit of research and patience, you could find flights to Spain for £30 per person. Yes, you read that correctly! The closer it is to the departure date the more expensive it will be so it pays to book early.


Skiing Holiday

You’ve seen the cheap option and the relatively cheap option, and now it’s time for the expensive option. 

While skiing may not be cheap, you can’t argue that it is an unforgettable experience and one that your family will cherish. There is also nothing to say that this has to be a yearly holiday, maybe you could skip one year in Spain with the family and go in for a skiing holiday the next year.


The snow and cold weather is definitely not for everyone, but it is extremely unique. The ambience of the chalets and the winter towns is something to behold. The Apres ski bars and the feel of Christmas all year round is hard to beat.

There are three options for the best family holiday. Whether you want to splash the cash or keep it conservative, there are options for every family.

Whichever one you choose, be sure to do your research in order to get the cheapest options and make sure it is right for your family. Each holiday could be the ‘best’ family holiday if planned correctly and enjoyed with the ones you love.