Cruise to Your Own Private Island? In 2020 you can

Cruise to Your Own Private Island? In 2020 you can

Just think for a little that you are cruising on a wonderful tour ship.

Even more so, think that the voyage ship is crawling to a pleasant private island where eatables and cold drinks, private cabanas and many other things are just waiting for you.

It is elegant living at his outmost; this is not a fantasy or a dream; this is the trip of a lifetime.

“Ideal Day at CoCoCay”, a private island that belongs to a cruise company known as “Royal Caribbean”.  

Since many years ago, this company has been remodelling  the island to make it into a  family holiday place. Royal Caribbean sped over 200 million dollars in this project. 

CocoCay (located 55 miles north of Nassau) is a 125 acre private land in the Bahamas.

Special attractions at CocoCay:

Many amazing attractions are present on the island including a super waterparks with a total of 13 water slides.

Some of the amazing attractions in these Island are: 

  • A fast vertical slide named as “screeching serpent”.
  • A balloon filled wich have the helium gas that goes 450 feet high in the air giving riders a pleasant view of the Caribbean.
  • A zip line that is 1,600 foot long and ends in water.
  • A freshwater pool which is  known as “Oasis lagoon”; this is the largest pool in the Caribbean. It contains a cove for families and  an adult’s area with swimming bar.
  • There is also a small island  known as “Chill Island”, where people can relax, play beach volley and enjoy the marvellous sightseeing. 

People go there for relaxation by sitting on the white sand, take a snorkel in the fresh, clear water, and enjoy the special BBQ.

An amazing area of the island is SouthBeach ; here people play beach basketball and volleyball, ride a bottom kayak made of glass or ride a rowing board.

Booking a voyage to CocoCay:

In November 2019, the remodelled Island will officially be open. The beach named “Coco beach club” will also open in November 2019.

Chill land and oasis lagoon opened in November 2018.

If you feel adventurous and want to go and explore the beauties of CoCoBay Island, don’t hesitate go and check it out and book your next cruise adventure with Royal Caribbean.