Best Places to Go on a Cruise in 2021

Best Places to Go on a Cruise in 2021

With the UK heading into the festive period in another lockdown, it’s safe to say it hasn’t been the best year. Especially for people that love to travel who have been stuck in their houses for the best part of a year.


For everyone that is dreaming of a time when we can go on holiday again, why not spend some time and allow yourself to look forward to next year and plan the trip of a lifetime! Whether you are a seasoned cruise goer or have never been on one before, there is no better time to try one.


A cruise is a holiday like no other; a floating ship the size of a skyscraper that has restaurants, bars, cinemas and nightclubs. It is truly a one of a kind holiday that allows you to explore multiple countries and destinations while having all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel everywhere you go.


Before we even talk about the destination we have to discuss the type of cruise. There are many different types of cruises, and choosing between them can be difficult. You have your standard family cruise, cruises for singles, adult cruises, river cruises and adventure cruises. This is a very personal choice, but one that needs to be researched to ensure your ship and its inhabitants are right for you.


With so many places to cruise around the world, it can be hard to decide where to go. Most cruises opt for a nice warm climate in paradise. We’re talking Caribbean cruises and Bahamas cruises. But, you do have the option to go on an arctic cruise or a river cruise in the USA.


Here are the best places to go on a cruise in 2021.


Caribbean Cruise


If you’re looking for that idyllic cruise is a paradise setting then a Caribbean cruise is the one for you. Think crystal clear waters and white sand beaches with a cocktail in your hand. Probably the most popular cruise available, tourists from all over the world converge on the Caribbean sea for a relaxing luxury break. I’m sure it is the place most people are dreaming of right now as winter sets in across the UK. Just picture yourself lying on a beach soaking up the sun, no worry of the ongoing pandemic, no worries at all, in fact, just bliss. If your single, then why not consider a cruise for singles in the Caribbean?


Considering the uncertainty of Covid-19 and vaccination timings, going on a Caribbean cruise is a perfect choice as the weather is beautiful all year round. Why not play it safe and book a winter getaway next November or December? Your future self will thank you for it.



European Cruise


If there are still parts of Europe you’re desperate to explore, a European cruise might be the best way to do it. The south coast of Europe is blessed with a gorgeous climate in the summer, breathtaking beaches and amazing cultures. Being able to hop from one country to another, take in the scenery, taste the local food and then retreat on your luxury ship might just be the best way to travel Europe. Some of the places you can expect to visit include Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece. If that isn’t enough to sell you on a European cruise, I don’t know what is/



Arctic Cruise


This one might not be for everyone, but if it interests you, it could well be the experience of a lifetime. The ships that visit the arctic aren’t your average cruise ships with all the amenities. These trips are very much focused on the scenery, with only specially made ships cut out for the harsh seas in the arctic circle. This is the opportunity to experience a place you never thought you would visit. You would get to see glaciers and icebergs up close, see penguins and polar bears and experience the harsh weather at the top of the world.


Whether you’re looking for sun, culture or an adventure, there are cruises all over the world to suit any preference. If you’re dreaming of going back to the beach then it’s hard to look past a Caribbean cruise. If you’re dreaming of visiting Europe again for the first time in a year then this might just be the best way to catch up on missed time. For the more adventurous, pack your jackets and head north to the arctic to see the ice caps first hand.