5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Luxury Cruise

5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Luxury Cruise

Anyone who’s experienced a cruise will be familiar with the feeling of luxury that comes with lavish amounts of food and traveling to exotic locations. And while a standard cruise is great, a luxury cruise takes opulence to another level. Aboard a luxury cruise ship, you can expect to find the same creature comforts and experiences as aboard a standard cruise, but with everything turned up a notch. Here are 5 of the best reasons to experience a luxury cruise for yourself:

Exquisite Dining Experience

For many people, the most important aspect of a cruise is the food. And, Michelin grade food available, luxury cruises provide dining experiences that simply can’t be beaten.

On a luxury cruise, only the finest cuisine will do with higher quality ingredients cooked with care and beautifully presented. Browse a luxury cruise menu, and you’ll be presented with a taste of the world with specially curated dishes that cater to all tastes. And it’s not just the food that will have feeling first class. You’ll notice thick, luxurious table linen, polished silverware, and expensive wine glasses. This attention to detail really makes you feel special.

With most luxury cruises including food as standard, you can dine without worrying about the bill, simply sit back and sample fine cuisine.

Better Excursions

There’s nothing quite like waking up, throwing back the curtains, and finding yourself in a new port as if by magic. And, with new destinations comes the promise of adventure, meeting new people, and experiencing new sights. Both standard and luxury cruises provide the opportunity to experience fantastic locations via offshore excursions. But with the latter, you can expect a few extra little flourishes that make going offshore all the more special. First-class coaches, smaller group sizes, and expert tour guides are all something to look forward to, with some luxury cruises providing excursions in with the standard fee.

And by opting for a luxury cruise, you are guaranteed VIP excursions that are expertly curated and organized, with no detail overlooked. While you can still find the standard wine tours and city guides, you will also find more exciting days out available. How about a sightseeing helicopter ride? Or see the parts of a historic site that tourists are not typically allowed to see. With influential contacts, luxury cruises can provide experiences that standard cruises cannot.


Unbeatable Service

Perhaps what sets luxury cruises apart is the outstanding customer service that comes as standard for all passengers. From the warm welcome aboard to keeping your wine glass topped up, luxury cruises turn the hospitality up to eleven, making your trip something you’ll never forget. Depending on which cruise line you opt for, you can expect services such as sommeliers, enhanced room service, custom food orders, and even butlers. The custodians aboard these luxury ships are experts in hospitality, having completed highly professional training programs.


No request is too much, with staff bending over backward to make your cruise the epitome of the first-class luxury. Of course, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most, though, such as complimentary umbrellas on rainy days or a hospitality call to see if there’s anything that can make your trip better. These thoughtful touches can be considered standard with no gratuities expected. All these benefits combined making it difficult to choose anything but a luxury cruise again.


More Personal Ships

Luxury ships are typically a lot smaller than your standard cruise liners, which can sometimes accommodate thousands of people. The experience aboard a luxury cruise is entirely different, with far fewer passengers, sometimes as little as 100 guests. This means staff can get to know individuals and their preferences, leading to much more personalized service. Like merlot with your main meal? Your waiter will remember. Enjoy a particular morning paper in the morning? Expect it outside your door.

Along with better service, the smaller ship sizes mean passengers become more familiar with each other, making the whole experience more intimate and friendly. Another added bonus is that smaller ships can dock in smaller ports that larger commercial cruise liners can’t. This means you can experience a wider variety of locations on a luxury cruise, with more stops on itineraries.


Better Accommodation

On a luxury cruise, you will find bigger rooms, better amenities, and higher quality materials used. Not only that, but everyone aboard gets to experience panoramic views of the ocean as almost no ships have inside cabins. Step out onto your personal balcony and do some dolphin watching with the complimentary binoculars, or simply bathe in the sun as you listen to some music. While the whole ship is there for you to enjoy on a luxury cruise, your cabin is a personal haven that will make your trip truly exceptional. Whereas a standard cruise will offer a bed, TV, and a micro-bathroom, a high-end luxury cabin is something else. Expect granite or marble surfaces, full-sized furniture, and dressers, as well as nice extras such as luxurious toiletries.


Aside from the fabulous accommodation, with onboard amenities like spas, cinemas, gyms, and various restaurants, luxury ships become a destination in themselves.