5 Cancun Vacation Tips That Will Surprise You

5 Cancun Vacation Tips That Will Surprise You

Cancun is an amazing holiday destination with white sand beaches, plenty of music, delicious food and a lively nightlife.

It is the kind of place every Mexican should be aiming at visiting at least once.

If you know where to look, you can have inspiring and surprisingly affordable holiday experiences.

But because Cancun sometimes crawls with American spring breakers and other rowdy tourists, it is definitely part of snagging the best deal to know when to go.

We’ll let you in on all the secrets of that life-changing Cancun getaway booking.

1. Knowing When To Go

Cancun is a hugely popular destination throughout the year and choosing the right time to visit can be difficult.

The best strategy is to determine what matters most for you.

If you go to Cancun during September or October, you can save a ton of money but these are the rainiest months of the year.

Prices are highest from mid-December to mid-January, which is usually the case when people schedule their spring holidays.

Late February and March is possibly the month that most of Cancun’s visitors see college kids come to party from around the world.

Summertime between families is very common.

The sweet spot may be represented by early December and mid-to-late April-warm and comfortable yet not too crowded.

No matter when you go, you will find that for mid-week stays prices are lower, as well as the flights to get there.

2. Scoring Great Hotel Deals

The trick of getting a great deal at a hotel is doing your homework.

Next, decide what type of accommodation you want-Cancun has a vast array of accommodation options, from five-star resorts to cheap motels and backpacker hostels.

Many people stay in the Hotel Zone elsewhere, a tourist attraction in itself that involves a 15-mile beachfront strip shaped like a 7.

But don’t simply avoid looking at a higher end hotel even when on a budget.

Many resorts offer valuable rewards, such as all-inclusive dining and amenity packages, attraction discounts and free children’s accommodation.

A great place to start is the Cancun. Travel website which allows you to plug in your travel dates and other preferences before showing you a variety of accommodation options.

3. Finding Affordable Flights

Travel within Mexico is generally pretty cheap.

Mexico’s smaller carriers – Interjet, Volaris, and Vivaaerobus – all go to Cancun for less money, but because they’re tiny you may have to book directly with them, rather than via a booking website.

Generally Vivaaerobus provides the cheapest rates but their offerings are a la carte.

4. Enjoying the Best Attractions

Sightseeing can be expensive indeed. Booking a hotel that offers them is one way to enjoy discounted prices on attractions.

Before you go, you can also check out Groupon as there are often great deals to find on local adventures.

Another thing to remember is that when booked as part of a tour or with a professional tour guide, attractions are always costlier.

Entrance to interesting places like Tulum, El Rey Ruins, and El Meco Ruins is only around 50 pesos, and even visiting Chichen Itza costs less than 250 pesos (though it takes three hours by bus to get there).

As you walk through the aisles of Mercado 28, a large open air market in downtown Cancun, shopping for souvenirs can be an attraction all by itself. This is a great place to eat at an affordable price, too.

You might also want to go shopping and eat your way through Parque Las Palapas, situated in the main square of the city.

It features a family-friendly park recently renovated where you can hear free live music and enjoy festive street performers.

And if you are staying at a beach resort, don’t forget to ask if you can use them for free or cheap snorkeling gear!

5. Being a Beach Insider

One of Cancun’s main draws are the beautiful white sand beaches, but it helps to know a bit about your choices before you go.

As with anything else, it will improve your experience when you choose the place that best fits your needs and desires.

Cancun lies at the very tip of the southern portion of Mexico, and thus has two distinctly different styles of beaches to choose from.

North Side Beachfront’s shorter stretch has calm water and fewer people.

Such beaches are suitable for families with children and people in search of calm snorkeling waters.

This side is also the starting point for Isla Mujeres ‘ water taxi.

The water is a more vivid turquoise blue on the lengthier Caribbean side. The winds are higher, however,  this may not be the best place to swim.

Here you may jetski and kayak to the content of your heart.

There’s a selection of bars and restaurants to enjoy along both the North and Caribbean beaches.

Remember that resort residents may only be allowed in certain parts of the beachfront.

Bonus Tip: Taking the Bus

Buses are secure, clean and timely in Cancun-sometimes even air-conditioned. You’ll only pay about 8.5 pesos for a one way trip inside the area.

It costs about 258 pesos to go as far as Chichen Itza. But you won’t need to splurge on taxis to do your sightseeing, with the ease and choice of bus options.

Cancun has something to offer you, whether you want to party like a college kid, explore arts and culture or just kick back on the beach.

And if you do it right, it’s a pretty affordable getaway indeed. What are you waiting for, then? It’s time to make your dream in Cancún a reality, or at least start planning it!