How to Stop Paying Thousands for a Mattress in 2020

How to Stop Paying Thousands for a Mattress in 2020

Owing to the skyrocketing prices of mattresses, people tend to replace them less often and used them longer than they were meant to.

Shopping for a new mattress included a visit to a retail store and selecting from a range of similar coil-spring mattresses which cost above $1,000.

The prices of coil-spring mattresses are steady till date.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to put off or delay your mattress purchase if the traditional mattress seems unaffordable.

There are many startup companies in the market which are transforming the mattress industry.

Now, you can enjoy a restful sleep at a lower price if you choose to buy from these startup companies.

Startups are transforming the way we buy Mattresses

Mattress Startup companies were launched a few years ago and they have challenged the norms of the mattress industry.

Now, you can purchase a mattress online and get it shipped to your doorstep.

It was hard to believe anyone could buy a mattress online without seeing it in person, but these startups have proved the quality.

Customers love the innovative designs, the comfort and a range of various sizes from twin to king.

These mattresses relieve pressure, and you can enjoy a great sleep by spending around $500. Even better you are offered a 100 days trial period at home.

These mattresses are made in the U.S. and are shipped in compact, convenient boxes right to your door, and if you decide that you don’t like the mattress, the company will send a courier to your door which will pick up the mattress, and your money will be refunded.

Mattress revolution

Startups have taken the mattress industry by storm.

While you can still expect the store bought mattress to be made of spring and coils, but that isn’t the case with the memory mattresses offered by the startup mattress companies.

Mattresses offered by these companies are made of the innovative materials that are born from technological revolution.

Most of these mattresses are made of multiple layers of memory foam on a foam or gel base.

One of the significant benefits of these mattresses is that they provide more restful sleep by relieving pressure points and are especially beneficial for people with chronic back pain or illness.

You can purchase all this comfort for hundreds of less dollar once you decide to move away from your traditional spring mattress.

Better quality for fewer bucks

Memory foam provides more comfort as compared to a traditional mattress.

It was initially designed for NASA to provide cushioning to the astronauts against the terrific force during takeoffs.

Memory foams are now widely used in medical facilities and according to AmeriSleep 20 percent of the mattresses are made using memory foam.

In addition to providing relief from back pain, memory and latex foams also provide better alignment to the spine and alleviate back problems.

There is different firmness available for you to choose from. Simply, startup mattresses offer better quality for less.

Money saving solution

All the startup companies share the common perspective of using the latest technology to offer you better quality at an affordable price. Instead of heading to the local store and spending $1,000 on a traditional mattress, be smart, have an online search, order mattress of your choice and get it shipped to your door for much fewer bucks.