Why Are Smoothies Good for You?

Why Are Smoothies Good for You?

Those who love smoothies, really love them and spend a large amount of their time preaching to anyone that will listen about how life-changing they are, and to be honest, they are kind of right. Smoothies are an unbelievably easy way to get the required nutrients into your body in a rush and for little money. Often thought of as meal replacement shakes, the world is truly your oyster when you embrace smoothies into your life.


Over the past decade at home smoothie makers have become immensely popular, with the coveted Nutribullet kicking off the trend. These machines that come with ready-to-go bottles made the smoothie making process even simpler. Blending the fruit in the same vessel as you would drink out of was revolutionary!


When we say smoothies are good for you however, we are relying on you to make good decisions about what goes into your smoothie. Of course, not all smoothies are healthy. The ones you get from Starbucks or other popular chains are filled with sugar and flavourings and probably not as much real fruit as we like to think.


Regardless, when we think about smoothies as a meal replacement shake, they take on a whole new sense of usefulness. We tend to think of smoothies as a drink that accompanies a meal, usually a breakfast, but they can be so much more than that. They can be a delicious meal replacement shake it itself that harbours all the nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get.


Read on to find out why smoothies are good for you!




Do you have any? Lucky you! For a lot of people that are struggling trying to scrape enough time together to relax for half an hour at the end of the day, these smoothies could be a lifesaver. When we consider them as a meal replacement shake, you could be saving half an hour to an hour per meal by switching to smoothies. They are unbelievably quick to prepare and you can consume them while doing other things. Imagine drinking your nutritious meal while working and then having a nap for the entirety of your much break, doesn’t that sound nice?




Smoothies are cheap to make depending on how many posh ingredients you put it. A new trend has emerged of filling your smoothies with exotic ingredients that promise lifelong health, such things as chia seeds and selenium. But if we just consider a basic smoothie of some fruit and maybe a few vegetables, smoothies rarely cross the £1 mark per serving. Supermarkets offer big bags of frozen fruit or ready-made smoothie mixes for good prices. All you have to do is put the frozen ingredients in the cup, add water or milk and blend.


If we think of smoothies as meal replacement shakes again, imagine how much you could save in comparison to a lunch out a couple of times a week. The saving could be enormous if incorporated into your daily routine correctly.


Meal Replacement Shake


Replacing your meals with smoothies can do your mind and body a world of good. Researchers suggest that replacing one meal a day with a liquid version can speed up your metabolism which helps you lose weight. Similarly, you are able to sneak many more vitamins and nutrients into a smoothie. When we’re busy we might just grab some fast food or forgo the vegetables for that one meal. But with these meal replacement shakes, you could put spinach, kale, oats, nuts and seeds in one meal and you wouldn’t even notice the flavour because it tastes like delicious banana.


If you have been considering buying one of the new smoothie making devices, hopefully, this article will give you the confidence you need to bite the bullet, the Nutribullet. Smoothies have a lot of great benefits associated with them when it comes to time and money. If made correctly they can give your body a lot more vitamins and nutrients than a regular meal. Similarly, as a meal replacement shake, they could save you the much-unwanted hassle of cooking when you don’t feel in the mood. With so many different smoothie combinations to choose from, you will never get bored of creating delicious recipes at home.