This is what your favourite celebrities are doing during lockdown

This is what your favourite celebrities are doing during lockdown

The life of a celebrity is often so interesting because it is so far away from our own. The lavish lifestyle they lead usually grabs all the headlines, but since lockdown has started it’s what celebs are doing at home there has become the focus for the tabloids


Because we think of celebrities as some fictional characters or higher beings than us it can be interesting to know that they are just humans and they have to deal with the lockdowns like the rest of us.


But the difference is in their houses. What are these celebrities getting up to in their giant mansions with all this free time? Are they watching Netflix like us? Or are they doing something artistic and creative?


Well, some celebs have made a real hash of things by taking the opportunity to inform everyone that they are just like us and they are struggling to (in their giant mansions). Celebrities do have a case, they are humans after all and have to deal with the same anxiety and uncertainty that we all have to deal with.


Take a look at what your favourite celebrities have been getting up to during lockdown.


Justin Bieber


One of the biggest celebrities in the world and also the most followed on social media with over 100 million Instagram followers. Justin Bieber showed off his massive mansion while playing a classic game of ‘The Floor is Lava’. He traversed across sofas, chairs and skateboards throughout his house before falling at the final hurdle and falling short when attempting to jump to his bed. Justin was sporting a very cosy looking onesie while attempting the challenge.


Liam Gallagher


Famous for being the lead singer of the wildly popular Oasis, Liam has been warming up his vocal cords once again in order to remind the nation to stay safe by washing their hands. This video came about at the start of the virus when the government was strongly advising people to wash their hands for 20 seconds.


The singer reworked some of the lyrics to Oasis’ classic songs Champagne Supernova and Wonderwall, renaming them Wonderwash and Champagne Soapernova, how original. In some short videos posted to Twitter, Gallagher recites his new lyrics before telling viewers to ‘wash yer hands ya little fu*****’.


At the start of lockdown, this was a common theme. Celebrities were utilising their social media following to encourage people to wash their hands and social distance. While it wasn’t always received well, you have to admire them for trying.


Arnold Schwarzenegger


On the other side of the pond, famed Hollywood actor and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was using his time in lockdown to enjoy his ranch and share some positive energy. He shared a collection of videos of him staying active and reminding the over 65’s to stay away from public spaces and to protect themselves from the virus.


One of his most memorable videos saw him share some dinner in his dining room with his pet miniature horse and Donkey. He made a commitment to help keep everyone positive during the lockdown and all the hard emotions that people are going through. In his old age, he even provided simple workouts for people to follow, which were well received as he used to be a fitness icon!



As with Arnold, Pink has been using lockdown to share some positivity and help people in the same situation. She shared candid updates which were well received as they were honest and not something that is typically seen from celebrities. She had to endure self-isolation with her family after showing symptoms and used this experience to share tips and tricks about how to cope. Her biggest hit was a suggestion of a wall planner to keep the kids occupied and educated while giving them some much-needed structure.

Seeing these larger than life celebrities struggling with the same lockdown troubles as normal people is a breath of fresh air. The celebs that have used their following for good during lockdown have reaped the benefits and improved their social status.