The Trend Behind Eyelash Extension

The Trend Behind Eyelash Extension

While eyelash extensions have been popular for many years, they are having a bit of a resurgence and with new trends emerging. The whole industry is continuing to flourish as they embrace and take advantage of more trends as customers ask for increased variety.

These new trends include the gender of people utilising them, the lengths, styles and even colours! People are attributing the increase in more wild styles to the emergence and continued success of the LGBTQ+ movement within mainstream media.

While these outlandish and colourful eyelash extensions have been around for decades, as they are becoming more popular newer and before unseen styles, colours in different hues and trends are becoming available. With all the new styles available wearers can now achieve almost any look they desire whether that is just a simple accent or full-blown transformation.

With the industry moving so fast it can be hard to keep up with new trends, so, let’s now take a detailed look at the recent trends behind eyelash extensions.

Natural Looking Lashes

While this isn’t a new trend, it continues to trend and gain popularity. Eyelash extensions that are coloured the same as your natural hair colour or fused with a slightly lighter or darker tone to add depth, are as popular as ever. Similarly, using colours in this way to transition the eyelashes is also popular.

Coloured Lashes

Coloured lashes are still very popular but are now becoming more mainstream. They are also being used more in everyday situations rather than for parties or fancy-dress. You can now get any coloured eyelash extension you desire; from purples, reds and greens to subtler more pastel colours like blues and pinks.

These larger-than-life colours create some fabulous and vibrant lashes highlighting your beautiful eyes. This trend isn’t likely to go away any time soon so go treat yourself to some good quality eyelash extensions to enhance your daily look or to keep for a rainy day.

Male Lashes

While you may be surprised by this one, we can promise you that this is actually more common than you would expect. Yes, men are also utilising eyelash extensions to transform their look. When used correctly, they can create a stronger and more confident look. Natural colours are being used to add a bit of length and make them bushier which completely transforms the whole face. See if you can spot any men in your life using eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Growth

Another interesting trend in the eyelash extension realm is the use of RevitaLash advanced eyelash growth to add texture and weight to the lashes without the use of mascara. Using a range of natural ingredients such as vitamin B, ginseng, and wheat protein, RevitaLash eyelash growth protects and revitalises lashes while conditioning them and making them glimmer.

For those that aren’t a fan of colours and want to keep things natural, RevitaLash eyelash growth has been a revelation to many women.

The eyelash industry has been booming lately with trends popping up left right and centre. While you might have thought everything there was to do had been done with eyelashes, you were wrong. New styles and colours have been making waves in the last couple of years with experts suggesting that this is just the start for these new styles.