The Best TV series of 2020

The Best TV series of 2020

As streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Go continue to grow and gain subscribers, so does their revenue and the quality of their films and television series. The competition between them and traditional television networks is also a big reason why most of the best series are appearing online available to watch all at once!


While 2020 has been a pretty horrific year for almost everyone on the planet, the bright light has been some truly captivating series that have glue our eyes to the screen, making us forget about the state of the world outside the house.


If you had somehow missed some of these series or just needed a reminder of what to watch (as it’s so hard to keep up), we have compiled a list of the best series that came out in 2020.


Cheer (Netflix)

It’s uncommon for a short docuseries to have the impact that Cheer had. This documentary series format that Netflix has been perfecting over the past couple of years worked wonders with Cheer.


The show focuses on a cheerleading group at an American college in Texas renowned nationwide for their superior cheerleading ability and multiple national titles. Netflix follows the group as they train for the national championships, capturing all the trials and tribulations along the way. The audience follows along and experiences their relationships, personal lives and hardships. The intriguing feature of the show and these real people is how fascinating and how hard cheerleading actually is and how these athletes put their body on the line every training session. For the non-American viewers it is an amazing insight into the American tradition of competitive sports.


The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

This recently released series has taken the world by storm and is, at the time of writing, probably the most popular series in the world, beating Netflix’s record for most views in the opening weekend. This book adaptation follows the main character, Beth, from orphan to Chess Grand Champion. As you can imagine, the path was not a smooth one and Beth experiences many hardships along the way as she tries to fight off alcohol addiction and numerous relationships to fulfil her seaming destiny of being the best chess player in the world. If you’re not a chess fan, there is no need to worry, the director did a fantastic job of making it easily accessible for everyone, turning the game of chess into the most exhilarating game of all time. Everything about The Queen’s Gambit is executed to perfection, from the set and costume design to the cinematography and animation, it is a true cinematic experience in a series format. If you need some more convincing, it is sitting at 100% on rotten tomatoes, joining an exclusive club. 


Schitt’s Creek Season 6 (Netflix)

This charming show has reached heights not thought possible in season 1, 2 and even 3. As the story has progressed the audience has become obsessed with these fantastic characters and their comical situation that is seemingly impossible to change. The show follows the life of a family trying to get back on their feet after being dealt a heavy blow. A very wealthy family loses it all and ends up slumming it in a town in the middle of nowhere called, you guessed it, Schitt’s Creek. The characters carry the show, notably Eugene Levy and His son Daniel who coincidentally wrote the show. The characters are larger than life and the dry comedy that ensues from the clash of cultures takes you by surprise. God knows how they wrote so many wonderful stories and interactions that occur in the same tiny town over 6 seasons. The show was just nominated in almost every Emmy category, winning 9! It may take an episode or two to get into, but once you’re hooked there is no going back.


Sex Education Season 2 (Netflix)

This quintessentially English show shines a bright spotlight on all the wonderful things teenagers go through as they age and discover sex. While the representation of English high school is a little Americanised, the themes and characters are bang on (pardon the pun). It follows a young man, Otis, and his best friend, Eric, as they navigate the confusing world of sex. Otis’s mum happens to be an expert and is a sex therapist, which leads Otis to somehow offer the same service in secret to his classmates even though he has no idea what he is doing. This season, however, Otis loses his virginity in what is the crowning moment of 2020 television. The show deals with heavy themes of bullying, sexual abuse and coming out which is admirable and is handled very well. The audience finds themselves oddly invested in these characters’ sexual lives, experiencing the ups and downs of their relationships and successes.

The Boys Season 2 (Amazon Prime Video)

Have you ever wondered what superheroes are really like? If so, this is the perfect show for you. The Boys takes the classic superhero genre and flips it on its head, exploring what the superhero industry would actually look like and what superheroes would really be like. Yes they have superpowers, but they have an ago, accidentally kill people and are the product of a massive marketing conglomerate that uses them as marketing material. Season 1 was received so well as it was completely different from anything else that was being released and had such an intruding concept. The show follows a group of ragtag guys that have a bone to pick with the superheroes but have to go about it carefully because, well, they are superheroes and they wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight. They end up befriending one of the superheroes, Starlight, who has grown a distaste for the superhero industry and the lead hero, Homelander. Like all classic stories, you will find yourself rooting for the underdog against the evil superhero.