How to surprise on Mother’s day with a special delivery

How to surprise on Mother's day with a special delivery

With mother’s day just around the corner, many of you are probably panicking about how you’re going to show your mother you truly appreciate her during the ongoing pandemic.


While this does present a tricky situation, there are still many things that can be done and sent to make your mother feel loved on her special day while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.


While you once might have gone down to the local supermarket or florists to get some flowers, now you can send some flowers by post. Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of things that can be delivered has dramatically increased. From meal kits to gifts, flowers to brunch in a box, the options are limitless.


With so many options to choose from, let’s take a look at the best collection of deliverable gift options to ensure your mother has the mother’s day she deserves.


Flower delivery

One thing is for sure, no mother’s day is complete without a bouquet of flowers. They are synonymous with mother’s day for a reason because they signal the start of spring with this wonderful appreciative holiday.


Whatever your budget, there are plenty of options to ensure your mum will receive some beautiful flowers by post on March 14th. If you really want to treat your mother, Bloom & Wild offer a fantastic range of luxurious flower arrangements. Suppose you want to go a little more conservative; M&S also have a dedicated flower delivery service.


The many companies offering flowers by post take extreme care to package the flowers properly with all arrangements created by hand. You will need to keep in mind that not every flower delivery can be delivered through the letterbox, some will require your mother to be home which could lead to obvious issues if not planned correctly. 


Chocolate delivery

After ordering your flowers by post, the second most important thing to get your mother for mother’s day is some sweet things. We know that all mother’s love chocolate, so this is a very safe bet. 


To save you from going to the supermarket or down the shop, there are a variety of options online that will send your mother a carefully curated selection of chocolate treats right to her door.


Hotel Chocolate and Wittard do multiple fantastic chocolate collection baskets that you can order online and send straight to your mother. You even have the option of including a lovely note to tell her that you wish you could be with her. The only problem is that now you won’t be able to steal any once you give it to her.



Now that you have the two prerequisites of mother’s day sorted, the flowers by post delivery and the chocolate, it’s time to think about her main gift. Whether you are looking to split the cost between the family or not, there are a load of fantastic options at every price range.


Thanks to the wonder of the internet, you could order anything you like as a mother’s day gift. But, if you wanted to be seasonal and time appropriate, you could order a gift in keeping with the mother’s day theme.


Perhaps a mother’s day themed collection of scented soaps and lotions, or how about a spa getaway, for when she can physically get away. Make sure to scour the internet for the many mother’s day deals to properly treat your mother on her special day.

While this is going to be a very different mother’s day, your mum doesn’t have to miss out on some of the main aspects of her day. Make sure to order some beautiful flowers by post to ensure she gets that staple of mother’s day along with some tasty chocolates. Flower delivery will also add an extra element of surprise and wonder! Don’t forget her actual gift, and don’t forget to look for holiday deals so that you can properly spoil her.