Must have Men Autumn footwear for 2021

Must have Men Autumn footwear for 2021

Forget the long summer days and the time outside, the inevitable change from summer to autumn is upon us. Soon, most of us will be taking off our simple autumn-style linen garments, and our sophisticated summer sandals. Adapting the seasonal wardrobe can be stressful, but don’t be afraid, we’re here to help with the 2021 Autumn shoes you need to know about.

These leading designer shoe brands have many different styles to match everyone’s unique wardrobe. They are names you know and love, such as Gucci, Adidas, and Ralph Lauren. From lug sole boots and sporty trainers to throwback clogs, these essential shoe styles will keep your wardrobe fresh like those apples you are going to be picking when the weather drops a little. And with these chic styles, we promise you will never even think of putting those summer shoes on again.


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Ralph Lauren

This incredibly stylish brand is not often known for its shoe collection, but you will be pleasantly surprised by its offering. From fashionable trainers to daring loafers that scream class and luxury, if you have the money to spend, Ralph Lauren is the way to go. One thing to look out for in their range is the shoe that was once considered the worst ’90s’ shoe, the clog is back! It is expected to cause a storm come Autumn just as it did back in the day when it first burst onto the scene. To style up for Fall 2021, dress in open denim or wide and over-printed legs.


Another high-end designer shoe brand, this often unknown company has some hidden gems to elevate your Fall wardrobe. If you’re looking for something that is bulky and cool, this is right for you. Their heavy-duty shoe styles and elegant fits made a splash last season, and this year, they’ve come back with high-end updates that add some color. Wear your new shoes with a soft and layered dress in a large coat during cold fall days.


As many of us were accustomed to that WFH lifestyle, sports have now become an evergreen tradition that you will continue to see as the weather cools. The key to keeping things fresh is to spice up the style with timeless colors and some sporty elegance. Adidas has created a perfect style with its massive range of sneakers, which are both perfect for the gym and to accent your Fall outfit.


This fall, go all out. Gucci has the biggest influence across the industry when it comes to designer shoes. Style your Fall look with statements that touch bright hues and beautiful patterns while remaining elegant. Their wonderfully printed shoe is an easy way to jazz up any ensemble. Gucci’s printed animal boot, paired with a small black dress and a light-colored bag of unexpected color.


Want to look cozy and cool? This fall, treat your feet to an ultra-comfortable experience with Nike. Their trainers are cozy enough to pass like house slippers, but they are hardened enough to wear out, too. Imagine getting into these cut-out shoes before lighting a cinnamon-scented candle and curling up on a couch. While that may be a bit too far, with the largest variety of shoes on the planet, there is a style for every occasion.


Transitioning your wardrobe is a tricky affair but a necessary one. Hiding your sandals and flip flops under the bed to make room on the shoe rack for fall boots and trainers. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, however. The above designer shoe brands have plenty of options that will get you excited for sweater weather. With a variety of styles on offer, whether it be big chunky boots or casual trainers, there is something for every unique style.