Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress

Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress

This question has been ongoing since the dawn of time and is one that plagues couples when the time comes to purchase a joint mattress. The truth is, mattresses are unique and what one person finds comfortable the other won’t. This comes down to how we were raised and our body types.


Mattresses are an expensive purchase, at least they can be if you want them to keep you comfortable and to last. Therefore, the decision becomes even harder and more stressful when you are relentlessly looking online or in person at the notorious UK mattress sales. Should you invest in a new memory foam mattress or a tried and tested spring mattress?


There are many factors to consider when making the important decision. Before you set foot in a mattress store you should consider these factors. Read on to see which mattress comes out on top in the following categories.




We know comfort is subjective and that every person will have a different opinion on spring vs memory foam mattresses. But, there is some science backing up the debate.


While spring mattresses may lure you in with the lovely cushioned coating, they may actually put more pressure on your lower back and centre of gravity than memory foam mattresses. The science shows that memory foam mattresses distribute your weight better across the mattress, resulting in you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


If you’re someone that struggles to get comfortable and keeps tossing and turning for hours before finding the perfect spot, a memory foam mattress may just be for you. When you sink into the memory foam you will drift off to an immediate deep sleep.


Similarly, is the noise. You will have experienced a squeaky bed and mattress at some point in your life. When spring mattresses get old the springs wear and they can make a horrible squeaking noise. Literally, the last thing you want as you’re going to sleep.




The spring mattress wins this battle as they are often quite a lot cheaper than good memory foam mattresses. While you will be able to find some that blow the budget with layers upon layers of padding, spring mattresses, in general, are a lot cheaper


The newer memory foam mattresses take a lot longer to make and use more expensive materials which is why they are usually more expensive.




While this might not be something you think of when looking for mattresses, it is actually an important aspect. Unless you are constantly performing wrestling moves on your bed, you probably won’t experience any serious problems with your mattress in the short term, but if not cared for you could experience some in the future.


Spring mattresses need to be flipped over every couple of months to avoid creating dips or imperfections in the mattress. This is annoying to do and remember, especially if you have elaborate sets of sheets or live alone.


Memory foam mattresses require zero maintenance apart from keeping a good mattress protector on them.




Considering the last point, spring mattresses have a definite lifespan that will usually last about 15 years if cared for correctly. The springs tend to experience wear and tear over time and can even break. Maybe you have experienced a rogue spring sticking up and causing a lump? Unfortunately, when this happens there isn’t much you can do apart from replacing it.

As memory foam mattresses are essentially a big lump of carefully crafted foam, unless you are putting it to serious work it should last you well over 20 years.


To conclude, while there are pros and cons to both mattresses, everyone is different and one of these types of mattresses will surely suit you better. If you have certain back problems or a strict budget, then maybe you will consider compromising and hopefully, this article will help. As mattresses can be expensive, it is a good idea to pay attention to mattress sales in the UK. Popular bedding stores such as IKEA and Bensons for Beds usually host sales throughout the year. The most important thing is to go and test the mattress you want.