Mattress Toppers, the Ins and Outs

Mattress Toppers

You’ve just been scouring through a mattress sale UK and have finally found the right one for you, and now people are telling you to research mattress toppers! Whether you already have a mattress or you’re about to buy a new one, buying a good quality mattress topper should be the next thing on your mind. Unlike mattress toppers or sheets, if you spill something on your mattress, you can’t just put it in the washing machine (while that would be nice).


Unfortunately, just like mattresses, there are hundreds to choose from made of all different materials that claim to be ‘the best’. When you’ve just been through the sale and the trouble of researching, testing and buying the actual mattress, you don’t really care which mattress protector you have, so you just buy the cheapest.


Similarly, these mattress toppers aren’t just there to protect your new mattress, they can also add to its comfort. You’ve probably already heard the statistic that we humans spend a third of our lives in bed! Therefore, what’s an extra few pounds trying to make your sleeping experience as comfortable as possible?


After buying your mattress the last thing you want to do is go through that again in another couple of years. While a new mattress can last 8-10 years, but with a mattress topper, this can reach 15 years. 


Now we’ve convinced you that you should really have one, let’s look at the ins and outs of mattress toppers and help you decide which one to buy.


What is a mattress topper?


Let’s start with an easy question. Essentially, a mattress topper is a thicker sheet that you put directly onto your mattress, under the fitted or stretched sheet, to protect your mattress from any spills or damage. A secondary purpose of them is to add comfort to your mattress. This is usually done with a layer of quilting or padding.


 They come in all shapes and sizes but you should obviously select one that is the correct size for your bed, as you would when picking a duvet or set of sheets. There are luxurious ones with down inside them or standard cheap ones that won’t do much in the way of adding comfort. Regardless, as long as it can protect against some spills or excess bodily fluids, it is better to have one than not.


They are also extremely hygienic and protect your mattress from more than fluids. They actually absorb all the dead skin and sweat that comes from your body while you sleep. Without the mattress topper, this would go straight into your mattress and harbour there for years and years.


How to Choose a Mattress Topper?


There are many different types of topper to choose from and the one that’s best for you will differ from the best for someone else. Unfortunately, this may be the case between you and your partner, so it’s best to discuss this.


You need to take into consideration your mattress as the topper you pick will differ if you have a firm, medium or soft mattress. Similarly, if you have back pain, there are other things to consider.


  • Material– Latex and memory foam are the two most common options here. Do you want it to mould to your body and support you in the right way? If you have memory foam and choose a non-memory foam topper, this can decrease its capabilities.
  • Padding – All of the different toppers come with different amounts of padding and the ones with more padding are usually the better, more expensive ones. The more padding, the more comfortable your mattress will be.
  • Sleeping Pattern – You need to consider if you’re a side or back sleeper when selecting the mattress topper. If you sleep on your side the memory foam would be better as this provides more support and will help you sleep better and undisturbed.


There you have it, your definitive guide to mattress toppers. Whether you already have an old mattress or are looking to buy a new one, a good quality mattress topper can transform your sleeping life. While the nicer ones come at a price, they can do you the world of good, and considering the amount of time we spend in bed, it’s worth it. Consider your sleeping pattern, mattress and partner when selecting the perfect topper. The more padding the better is usually a good train of thought if you’re looking for comfort. Those with back problems with a firm mattress may need to rethink, an opt for a topper with no padding.