How to Decorate your House this Christmas

How to Decorate your House this Christmas

A big part of the Christmas experience for a lot of households is turning the house into a Christmas grotto. Boxes of tinsel, mistletoe and general Christmas paraphernalia are brought down from the attic to decorate the house for the Christmas season.


For those that want to start from scratch, decorating your house for Christmas can be a bit daunting and expensive. With so many different decorations and colours, how do you pick the decorations that suit your house?


While it may take some trial and error, there are some classic Christmas decoration combos that have been tried and tested for years. If you want people to stop and stare at your wonderful decorations while passing your house, you will have to get creative as Christmas themes are limited.


Before decorating your house, it is appropriate to take the proper precautions as you will likely be plugging in a lot of new lights and electrics. Make sure you have house insurance to put you at ease should there be a freak electrical fire or power outage. It is also important to check whether your house insurance covers Christmas lights. If not, it would be a good idea to add this to your house insurance plan. House insurance is relatively cheap and could save you a lot of heartaches.


So, if you’re struggling to decide how to decorate your house for Christmas, we have some tips to help.


Choose a Colour Scheme


This is the difference between good and great Christmas decorations. It is a simple tip, but it could make all the difference when passersby are judging your decorations. Classic Christmas combos are green and red, red and gold or gold and silver. Sticking to two or three colours will also save you some time trying to get everything to work together and not look like you carelessly through your decorations on the front lawn. Inside the house, you could play with a different colour scheme for different rooms if you wanted to get really fancy.


Less is More


We’ve all seen the houses that are literally as bright as the sun because of the sheer number of Christmas decorations outside their house. We don’t want to be that guy. A refined spattering of classy decorations and a slither of lights present a well thought out Christmas exterior. Having too many decorations is eye-catching and has the wow factor but it stinks of overcompensation. You shouldn’t be clawing for people’s attention, you should be aiming to present a story with your decorations, not an attack on the senses. Your electricity bill and wallet will also thank you for keeping things minimal.


Garland Galore


Often an underestimated Christmas decoration, a garland can transform your whole house into a winter wonderland with minimal work. What is essentially, a Christmas tree tinsel, can be wrapped around banisters, draped on mantle pieces and hung around door frames to create that true chalet feel inside the home. There are many different types available, some have lights in and some have other Christmas decorations already attached. A top tip is to get a variety as to mix it up and keep things interesting. If getting one with built-in lights, be sure to check your house insurance as plugging in a lot of lights can sometimes overload your electrical circuit and cause problems.


If you want to turn your home into a winter wonderland but are struggling for ideas, hopefully, some of these tips will help. Remember, minimal is better! A well thought out the colour scheme, a handful of decorations and a smattering of lights will go a long way and be kind to your electricity bill. Why not embrace the Christmas season and give your home the makeover it deserves.