Christmas Dinner Ideas

Christmas Dinner Ideas

Preparing the same meal every year can sometimes get a bit boring, which is why you might want to inject some new ideas into your Christmas dinner.


Turkey, potatoes, roasted vegetables and Christmas pudding, it’s the same every year. It can be hard to stray from tradition especially when you have the whole family around and you want to please them. It might take some time to build up the courage to introduce an alternative new version of a Christmas favourite, but with these recipes, it will be well worth it.


Maybe some members of the family are on a diet or possibly vegan or vegetarian; what do you do? If you thought you had a lot to do before, you now have to prepare an alternative version of your Christmas favourites.


Whether you’re looking for an entirely new menu or want to mix up a Christmas classic, there is a recipe here for you.


Pick out your favourite Christmas dinner ideas from the list below.


Roast Parsnips and Chestnut Salad


For the family members on a diet, take this classic side and turn it into a main dish with another classic Christmas flavour, chestnut. While it may not replace the Christmas Turkey, it could well replace some of the fattier sides. If they can stick to their diet they will be rewarded with a delicious salad that is both salty and sweet with classic Christmas notes. Make sure you make a big enough portion for the non-diet family members to try, as the enticing smell of chestnut will be too much to resist.


Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze


While the humble ham may come in second to the classic Christmas turkey, there are some households that maintain it is superior. While the turkey meat is often flavourless and dry, a well-cooked ham can have sensationally sweet tones with a salty interior. Some like to cook their ham in coke, some like to boil it, and some like to slow cook it. But, by far the best way to cook ham is by coating it with brown sugar. This will give your ham a succulent sweet skin while keeping the moisture locked in.


Cranberry Brie Bites


It can often be tempting to buy pre-made appetizers to serve to the family throughout the day, ensuring they stay satisfied until the late Christmas dinner. Mince pies, crackers and aged cheeses are the usual suspects when it comes to Christmas day snacks. Why not mix it up a bit and put together your own easy-to-make appetizers that will cause your family to make those ever promising groans. These simple cranberry brie bites take two contrasting Christmas flavours and marry them together in a little butter pastry parcel.


Parmesan Brussels Sprouts


Struggling to get the family to eat the brussel sprouts? Why not try coating them with a Moorish cheese?


This recipe is as simple as it sounds, take your unremarkable brussel sprouts and grate some sharp parmesan on top. If you’re feeling fancy, go with parmesan shards instead. As a strong cheese, this recipe is great for those family members on a diet, as a small hit of parmesan can go a long way in filling you up with some healthy brussel sprouts.


If you’re struggling for motivation and ideas when planning the big Christmas dinner, take some inspiration from the ideas above. Pluck up the courage to put a positive spin on some Christmas classics and your family will be singing your praises. Help your family members stick to their diet by creating some diet-friendly treats that are too good to be missed.