How to Start a Career In Criminal Justice: Police, FBI, Forensics

How to Start a Career In Criminal Justice: Police

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding job?

Then you should consider a career in the criminal justice system. But before entering into the job world, you need to earn a degree in criminal justice.

Luckily many online programs are available which offer associate degrees which, according to the U.S News, you can complete in two years.

A degree in criminal justice opens up doors to an exciting and highly paid career which would be,  otherwise,  restricted without this degree.

Below we have listed the reasons why you should consider a career in criminal justice:

Career In Criminal Justice Pathway to a wide variety of jobs

You will be open to a wide range of careers once you obtain a degree in criminal justice.

You will be equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to enter in a world of exciting jobs, and if you think criminal justice is all about the police force, then you are wrong.

There are many more options available which may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Private Investigator: Private investigators work on both sides of justice to save the innocent and prove justice to the guilty. You can investigate all types of cases from looking into a company’s irregularities to solving the case of missing persons.
  2. FBI Agent: FBI Agents investigate federal crimes. They investigate all types of crimes from financial crimes to murders at all levels from local to national level. FBI agents usually lead the collaborative investigations.
  3. Fraud Analyst: Fraud analysts work in multiple sectors such as banks, companies, government offices, etc. to uncover fraud. Fraud analysts solve problems, investigate crimes and learn new aspects of the law.
  4. Wildlife Warden: Wildlife wardens patrol parks, lakes, forests, and national recreation areas to conserve wildlife and prevent illegal hunting in these areas.
  5. Digital Forensic Analyst: In this era of technological advancement, these analysts gather computer data to investigate cybercrimes. Cybercrime is a recently introduced field in criminal justice owing to the rapid increase in these crimes due to the broad use of technology.

There are many more possibilities which you can explore once you earn the degree.

You can join prison staff, correction officers, postal inspectors, forensic artist, customs and border protection officers and many more.

Career In Criminal Justice Enjoy great benefits

Many people prefer to work in the private sector assuming that working in the government sector means a small paycheck.

This is not the case when you have a criminal justice degree. You can enjoy great benefits in the government sector if you own a degree in criminal justice.

U.S News reports a study conducted by Congressional Budget Office according to which federal employs earn 16 percent more than those in the private sector.

Criminal justice employes in the government sector also enjoy good health insurance, life insurance, and substantial retirement benefits along with paid training to advance your career, sick leaves, and childcare allowances.

According to The Economist, the public sector employs continue to earn 60 – 100 percent of their salary after retirement.

Career In Criminal Justice Job Security

Crime is not going to end anywhere soon, so criminal justice professionals are always going to be in demand.

According to the U.S Bureau of labor and statistics, demand for criminal justice professionals will grow by 7 percent in the coming eight years.

And once you find a job, you can hold onto it because there is a little turnover in this field.

If you are serious about a rewarding and exciting career than consider criminal justice.

All you have to do is to earn a degree in criminal justice and the best part is that you can have one online.

You can start making a difference in your community by earning an undergraduate degree in criminal justice online through an accredited institution.