10 Dog breeds who hardly ever bark

10 Dog breeds who hardly ever bark

We’ve assembled a list of 15 breeds of dogs who almost never bark.

Loud dogs do have their benefits — dogs with loud barks, for example, are perfect for chasing away intruders — but more often than not, a gentle dog is best for keeping you company, peacefully.

It’s not that we don’t love chatty breeds with lots of personality, but can be a deal-breaker for dogs who bark their heads off.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Originally the Bernese mountain dog is a working breed raised on Swiss farms, the gentle giants now fit well with young families due to their even-keeled nature.

However, they’ll play favorites, sometimes getting attached to a specific individual.

This dog may not be the most appropriate for novice dog owners because this dog has a lot of energy, which may make it difficult for inexperienced dog owners to train them. 

If you’re not fond of large dogs like this breed, check out the next breed!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

There is a explanation why Charlotte in Sex and the City had one. The traits of the toy breed, suit city living to a T: quiet, polite and (of course) crazily adorable.

However, this isn’t just a lapdog, most people don’t know how competitive the breed can really be.

They enjoy long walks and running (chasing other animals), and a few have made great promise as hunting dogs!

That doesn’t mean they’re too enthusiastic though, it’s all down to your own lifestyle and they’re going to adapt to that. 

However, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not the only small breed to make this list ..

French Bulldog

Another happy apartment resident is the French Bulldog who do not need any other exercise than brisk walks. Their friendly nature often does not manifest in barking, but displays this through affection instead.

These dogs are incredibly quick to train, making them a perfect choice for first-time dog owners. They are essentially nice to everyone too, making them great family pets.

But not the only relatively quiet breed in the Bulldog family is the French Bulldog, just look at the next article!

English Bulldog

The same is true of the English Bulldog! The beefier pups aren’t going to pipe up too much because they are perfectly able to keep snoozing on the couch.

Their muscles can look daunting, but a fly won’t harm those gentle dogs. While they are very gentle dogs, they can also be taught to make outstanding watchdogs, but is entirely up to your choice.

English bulldogs don’t have that much stamina, so this is a very good choice for you if you’re not a fan of regular long walks. 

Next up is one of the world’s rarest breeds.


The basenji is known simply as the “barkless dog,” but the breed is not completely mute.

The hounds make odd noises when they want to speak up which sound similar to yodels. Such dogs come with a bunch of pros and cons.

These are extremely sweet dogs and you’re not going to have to worry about any fights and they’re nice pets in the apartment.

They are, on the other hand, very difficult to train and the breed is very rare, so expect long waiting lists. The next may be a lesser-known breed.


The American Kennel Club describes the Borzoi breed as “quiet and catlike,” but in more ways than one, Borzois stand out.

The greyhound-like dogs will run at speeds of up at 40 miles per hour! Nonetheless, don’t expect them to run too much at full speed, because these dogs have very little stamina and are completely happy just lounging around the entire day.

Though, they aren’t too fond of being alone, so if you travel a lot this dog may not be the best option. 

Next we look at another gentle giant.

Scottish Deerhound

Standing at the shoulder almost 3 feet high, a Scottish Deerhound, or simply Deerhound, does not fit in your lap, but the big hound does make up for it with a dignified and gentle personality.

Their degree of middle-of-the-road energy means they can enjoy a good outdoor gallop, followed by a long nap.

Given the intimidating nature of this dog, it loves people and is really good for children.

Nonetheless, this dog isn’t ideal for an apartment life, because it requires room and exercise.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

When appropriate, wheatens will bark, but typically make their presence known by what is called the “Wheaten greeting”: an enthusiastic hi with lots of jumping.

There are not many dog breeds that are more friendly than this one, but while it is very friendly, it is also very difficult to train because of its playfulness.

This dog also has no problem spending it’s time in an apartment, just make sure they’ve got enough company. 

Let’s look at the next most common breed of meme dogs.

Shiba Inu

While they are most commonly recognized as part of the famous doge meme, Shibas is not going to say “much wow” anytime soon.

The canines stay very relaxed before they indulge in the occasional “Shiba scream.” This famous scream sounds like a cat meowing for some people!

While these dogs are certainly not the easiest to train, after the training is completed they are really easy to go.

They have no problem at all being left alone in an apartment, and for city dwellers this is a perfect alternative.

Australian Shepherd

Active and vivid, Aussies as a breed did evolve mainly in the United States.

The herders will warn their owners if needed, but it is unlikely they will start barking a storm.

Aussies are very emotional dogs who hate to be alone, apart from this they do need plenty of space, so they are not ideal for apartments.

If you have plenty of time and space, though, this is a perfect dog breed because they are very easy to train and very affectionate.