The 5 Best 2022 Travel Rewards Credit Cards Available for You

The 5 Best 2020 Travel Rewards Credit Cards Available for You

Are you thinking of travelling in 2022? Do you have travel rewards credit cards?

If not you should apply for the credit card that rewards you  at the end of the year 2022, because this is the best time for it.

With the travel credit cards, you can reduce your flight expenditures; you can get free flights and free hotel stays.

Right now, there is a possibility of getting a high bonus in the travel rewards credit cards; here I am going to put together some of the best cards that I find:

Travel Credit Card American express platinum card

With  the American Express, you can get five times the points when you directly book with  an airline. If you don’t keep any preference of what type of airline you fly then this is the best card for you.

One superb plus point of American Express Platinum Card is that when you spend 5,000$ within your starting three months, you will get 60,000 dollars as a welcome bonus. You will also be able to spend your dollars in over  1,200 airport lounges across 130 countries.

Travel Credit Card Sapphire Preferred by Chase 

Sapphire Preferred card will provide you with a lot of flexibility. If you spend 4,000 dollars in the first three months after the opening of your account, then you will get a superb welcome bonus of 50,000.

Sapphire Preferred card has no initial fee in your first years, after passing the first year you have to pay a 95$ fee on annual base.

When you use these cards for your daily base purchase, you will get one bonus point on each dollar spent.

You can get twice times the points when you use these cards for your travel and in the restaurants.

Travel Credit Card Sapphire Reserve by Chase

Sapphire Reserve is a card by Chase who offers travel rewards.

Cards holders, who have newly opened their account, can earn 50,000 points when they spend 4,000$ in the first three months after opening their account.

Sapphire Reserve card annual fee is 450$. You can get perks such as 300$ annually credit on travel and access to airport lounges. 

You can get many benefits in the Resort Collection and the Luxury hotels.

You will get three times of points when you use it for travelling and dining purposes.

You can get 1 point on each dollar to spend on your daily purchases.

Travel Credit Card Capital 1 Venture Rewards Card

Do you want to earn travel points? then Capital 1 is the best venture credit card. By using this card, you can get two times of the miles with every dollar you spend on your daily purchases.

If you stay at a participating hotel, then you will earn ten times the miles.

If you are a new cardholder, you can get 50,000 bonus points on miles, when you spend 3000$ in the first three months from opening your account.  

Travel Credit Card America Bank Reward Credit Card

With the bank of America, you can earn unlimited points on dining, travel, and daily purchases.

You have the flexibility with this reward card to reclaim your bonus point, and this American card has no expiry date.

You can earn 50,000 bonus after 3,000 purchase within the 90 days of opening your new account.

Do you love to move around the world?

Then you should make a plan right now  and signup for the travel rewards credit card.  

So, start searching best card right now, in terms of travel bonus points and interest rate.