The Best 2020 Cars for seniors

The Best 2020 Cars for seniors

Are you a Senior and want to buy a new car? If yes surely safety comes into your top priority.

When you go to a dealer for a new vehicle, you can rest assured that 2020 is a superb year for finding new cars according to your need criteria.

In 2020 you can get cars that are best in visibility, safety and many other great features controls.

Here I am going to put together a list of some vehicle that have the highest rating among many other vehicles.

These vehicles provide high-security features, comforts for passengers and drivers; you can purchase all these vehicles at a very affordable rate.

Honda Insight :

Honda insight got a five-star rating from NHTSA; it offers a nice fuel economy and a spacious interior.

IIHS provided Honda Insight cars with an award and assigned this car a “Good” score.

Honda Insight 2019 is full of security features. Honda has the features of active driver help and it comes on all adornment standard.

Some other security features include traffic sign recognition, high beams that work automatically, road retreat mitigation and warning of a forward collision.

These cars have the Lane Watch features that use a camera for displaying what is present on the right side of the car through the main touch screen.

Toyota Avalon :

The IIHS highlights “highest rank awards Toyota Avalon on safety pick”.

Toyota Avalon has safety on its top priority.

Toyota Avalon includes safety measures such as stability and traction control system, control of active lane, spot of monitors, warning of forwarding collision and it has a braking system that works automatically in an emergency.

Avalon is equipped with ten airbags.Front seats are very comfortable and it  provides all these features on a reasonable price.

Some other important features of Toyota Avalon is touch screen monitor, five ports of USB, Bluetooth connectivity facility, LED tail lights and LED headlights.

 Hyundai Sonata:

Hyundai Sonata top point is that it provides both style and comfort. From the reviews, it is clear  that this car has a lot of space at the front and in the trunk.

This car is perfect if you require a spacious vehicle. Hyundai Sonata has a very comfortable front seat, and it has a lot of room for adjustment. It has got a five-star rating in safety from the IIHS.

Hyundai Sonata comes in the top rank of safety. Sonatas has Bluetooth connectivity, 7-inch touch screen and Apple Car Play.

 Chevrolet Impala:

According to Kelley Blue, Chevrolet Impala is one of the best cars for safety.  

If you want to go on the trip this is the perfect car; you can go on a long trip without or with your grandkids. This vehicle starts at below 30,000$.

You can get your dream vehicle at an affordable rate, the start of the year usually is the best time to buy a new car . 

So if you want to buy a new car for seniors then this is the best time, start searching right now.