The Best Features of the Subaru Forester

The Best Features of the Subaru Forester

If you’re in the market for a new SUV, a Subaru may not be your first thought, but you should definitely be considering the Subaru Forester.


This hidden gem could be exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price.

This is a solid SUV that comes with 4-wheel drive as standard and is well regarded for its durability. Subaru is known for their off-roading rally cars so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. While the looks are nothing to shout about, it has improved on previous models and excels in a variety of other areas.

The Subaru team has been paying attention to customer feedback and has continually modernised the Forester to meet customer expectations. It has plenty of new internal features which include excellent gadgets such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto among other things. 

A new hybrid engine and a flurry of other external features position this SUV as a real competitor to the mid-range models in the market. While it still may be a little bit off the Audi A3 in terms of overall quality, it is definitely in the conversation and reasonably priced.

Now we have your attention, let’s have a closer look at some of the Forester 2020 SUVs best features.


While this may not be something you often associate with Subaru cars, they have really stepped up the design aspect with the Forester. While the classic Subaru rugged interior is still very present, some sleek features and materials soften it and give it a somewhat luxurious feel. The dashboard is nicely spaced out with futuristic looking screens and controls. Heated front seats and keyless entry definitely improve the comfort factor and do a lot to significantly improve the Foresters standing amongst its competitors.

Practicality and Space

The reword base has allowed the engineers to fit some more boot space in the car which has been welcomed by drivers. The bigger space also translates to the main cab with more legroom, shoulder and even headroom space for front and back passengers. When you put the back seats down fully, there aren’t many other SUVs on the market that can beat the Forester in terms of space. The Forester 2020 SUV is definitely excelling in the practicality department and should be at the top of the list for those drivers that like to explore and occasionally off-road.

Safety and Reliability

Subaru is well known for their build quality and rugged vehicles so it is good to see them scoring well here. While it does lack in certain areas, build quality definitely isn’t one of them. The strong materials and safety features implemented throughout are designed for off-roading and will therefore be more than adequate to protect you in any sort of car accident. Owners of the Forester 2020 SUV have praised the overall quality and few have experienced problems or breakages within the first year of ownership.

Hopefully, the Forester 2020 SUV is a strong contender for your next car after reading this. While you may not see it plastered around top-10 SUV lists, this hidden gem has a lot to offer for a relatively cheap price. Subaru has really improved the modern features and technology that’s included in this model. The build quality, safety, practicality and space you get with the Forester is on par with the best available. If you are looking to utilise the ruggedness of the vehicle or you have a family, this car’s features will allow you to throw it about and then easily go on a school run and not look out of place.