When you need Public Liability Insurance

When you need Public Liability Insurance

If your business meets with members of the public, you may have decided that you need public liability insurance. It is a very popular insurance policy in stores, retailers and salons because you can pay for compensation for personal injury or damage to property.

You may need public liability insurance coverage if you meet third parties in one of the following ways:

  • Customers visit your business location, for example, you have a shop, bar or restaurant or hairdressing/beauty salon.
  • You work on client sites, for example, you are a trader who does work in people’s homes or gardens.
  • You work in public places, for example, you are a builder, and your work can cause injury or injury to someone passing by.


Is Public Debt Insurance a Legal Requirement?

Public Debt Insurance is not a legal requirement, but many clients will insist that you pay the public debt before allowing you to start working. Some unions will not allow you to register with them unless you have a valid credit policy.

Local or council government contracts often require you to provide proof of public debt insurance at a certain level of cover before they do business with you.

Which businesses need credit insurance?

When your business meets with community members or customers. Or in the unlikely event that your property causes damage to the property then you may need Public Liability insurance.

The types of businesses that may have merchant insurance include:

  • Builders
  • Electricity
  • They don’t know
  • Gardeners
  • Artists and decorators
  • Plumbers
  • Trademark writers
  • This is not a complete list because most businesses may need credit insurance.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

In the event of accidents, your business may be liable for compensation in most cases. Public liability Insurance can cover payment and legal fees if your business is sued by members of the public, customers or clients.

Public liability Insurance can put you at risk in the workplace or in connection with the activities of your business. This includes events on your property and those that occur while you are doing work outside the business.

What claims can Public liability Insurance cover?

Public liability Insurance can pay claims for personal damages to third parties such as your customers, suppliers or any other member of the public associated with your business.


Where can I get Public Liability Insurance from?

With the Internet at everyone’s fingers tips is pretty easy to find the best Public Liability Insurance for your business but it is important to remember that sometimes using Insurance brokers can save a lot of money as they have special deals with Insurance companies and they can obtain unique deals for you.


How much do I need Public liability cover?

Every business is different, so the amount of cover needed will depend on many different factors including the level of communication you have with the community, the types of clients you work with and the size of your projects.

In summary, here are some factors to consider when deciding whether your business needs Commitment Insurance:

  • Do you or your business meet with customers or community members?
  • Can your business cause harm to someone or damage to their property?
  • Do your customer contracts require you to have certain levels of public debt coverage?
  • Are you associated with any professional or commercial organizations that require their members to have public liability insurance?
  • Can a public liability policy help ensure your customers are covered if something goes wrong?
  • Are you able to pay legal fees and any compensation costs in the event of a claim being made against you or your business?

If you work for yourself or have your own business, there are a multitude of things that you need to have in place to operate legally and safely. Public liability insurance is one of them but it can often be confusing. If you meet with customers in their home or they come in contact with your business premises then it is likely that you will need it. To make sure, read our handy tips above and then follow the proper procedures to make sure you are covered in case something bad happens.