Eco sustainable Living: is it possible?

Eco sustainable Living: is it possible?

Global trade has brought many simple and reliable things, including easily accessible goods from all over the world and economic growth resulting from fierce competition. Although travel costs have dropped dramatically, it is not the most sustainable profit on the planet we live on. Cheap travel costs allow for more frequent shipments but also increase emissions of extreme heat and pollution. To combat this problem, self-reliance is one of the most effective solutions in 2021.

What is Self-Sufficient Living?

It is a way of life that combines three pillars of sustainability, including economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It provides for your needs in your life without needing any kind of external resources. It requires enthusiasm and healthy living skills for a healthy, independent life. It may be difficult at first but the natural benefits that come with it make it worth the effort.


What are the benefits of Self-Sufficient Living?

A self-sufficient home not only reduces the loss of resources and pollution but also means that a person is independent of his or her own resources and as a result adapts to different living conditions. It also helps low-income families as it can help them gain economic independence and support strong communities.

Why is Self-Sufficient Living so important today in 2021?

Let’s look at the obvious first. We don’t want or need to get out, spread or catch a virus. We do not need or want to be confined to our homes, but we still need fresh air and exercise. By going out we can get our daily air volume and strength as we make small changes in our lives so we can grow better and learn to stay green and light. Whether you have a small patio or a large area, you can make a small change with great benefits, in a short time. Maybe you want to use this shutdown to learn how to grow a few varieties of fruits and vegetables, reduce what you need to buy in stores by building your own these items, learn a new hobby, or maybe you are interested in keeping a few chickens. Now that we are back home, we are not stuck, this might be a good time to learn these life-changing skills and save money.

We would all like to save a few cents and rely less on supermarkets. By teaching ourselves the basics of self-satisfaction soon we will see the pens build up and your confidence and happiness grow. Focus on your new job little by little, find out which parts of the hobby you really enjoy, what you are good at (or suck!) And take your time.


While it might be a leap to actually start living self-sufficiently, it is something that many of us have thought of in 2020 and 2021 thanks to Covid-19. The answer is yes, it is very possible to live this way, you might just need to acquire a solar panel or two and learn some basic skills that will help you to live off the grid and probably far away from any other people.