Route 66: the American dream holiday

Route 66: the American dream holiday

This is America’s iconic road! Who can resist this typical 2,448-mile journey through eight regions and three time zones? Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California – and the bonus is many stops for many tours … Las Vegas, Nevada, etc!

The word ’66’ was assigned to the Chicago route to Los Angeles in April 1926. Most of the first route was dirt or dirt planned until 1938 when the US66 became the first paved highway. More than any other highway, Route 66 foreshadowed a new hope filled with post-war economic recovery. It was an icon of independence as Americans traveled more than ever before – connecting rural and urban areas. John Steinbeck called Route 66 ‘Mother Road’ in his old The Grapes of Wrath which tells the story of the 1930s Dust Bowl that saw many moves west to California.

The old US driving holiday was born in the 1950s and in line with the many attractions of Route 66, diners, and motels.

Although the road was demolished in 1985, many state and federal agencies continue to do so today to keep the route alive. There is no drive like it … Main Street USA is lined with beautiful American cities and natural beauty. It’s the USA that must standstill.

How much time do we need and when should we run Route 66?

The question we are most often asked is how long will I need? Route 66 is always a 14-night vacation with daily driving.

If you have extra time to spend, it means you can plan on non-driving days and delay everything. Three weeks will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of America.

If time is of the essence, you can opt for a short vacation that misses the start of Chicago in Oklahoma. Which, by the way, had the first 66-mile Route than any other situation! Shortcut 66

With Bon Voyage, all of our holidays are tailored to your specific needs. So while Route 66 follows a set route, you don’t need to! We can add and remove according to what you most want to hear.

When should you leave? Route 66 runs from May to October. Winter weather can prevail in the first half of the trip, so this is important to keep in mind. Also, many attractions are available at certain times of the year. Your Bon Voyage Coordinator will talk to you about all of your options.

Drive Route 66 in comfort or style…

Driving from one side of the USA to the other – an open, comfortable, and powerful car is essential. Don’t forget, US roads and cars are bigger than the UK, you don’t want to feel threatened or cramped – an SUV is a good car. If your heart is set on change, we suggest you include this as part of your trip to Vegas!

Route 66 is back in Harley-Davidson’s complete world! All you need is a valid UK motorcycle license and you can choose between a self-driving or guided tour. Route 66 at Harley

Another popular method is the motorhome. This means you miss out on living in an old or circular area on the road and usually drive at a slower speed, but it is a good way to travel for a larger family or group.

Perhaps the most famous road trip in the world, Route 66 truly is the American dream holiday and a dream for people all over the world. The iconic road is a fantastic way to see the old United States and experience some of the cultures that are not found in more touristy destinations. Pack your bags and get ready for a road trip!