Discover England by Train

Discover England by Train

Travelling across England by train is an underutilised benefit that is at everyone’s disposal. England has an excellent public transport network of which trains are the main part. What most of us don’t realise, however, is that there is more to see on these trains than home towns and cities.

There are many fantastic holiday deals that can be found that include transport by train, or that include the train journey as the main part of the holiday.


You can reach every corner of this glorious country on the traditional train tracks laid down decades ago, how wonderful! From the bottom corners of Cornwall to the northern Scottish towns, the UK is your oyster when travelling by train.


You will be amazed as you travel through the beautiful British countryside and discover the small hidden towns and quaint villages that are usually out of sight. Make sure you do your research to discover the amazing holiday deals for rail holidays.


There are many bespoke holiday deal packages to be found that will take you to where you want to go and show you what you’re interested in. This traditional way of travelling can give you a whole new appreciation for the UK while being a novel and fun way to travel.


If you’re currently trying to decide between multiple holidays deals, let’s look at the reasons why you should choose a rail holiday.



If you’re comparing trains to planes, they couldn’t be further apart. The level of comfort and legroom you can get on these long-haul trains is unmatched. Comfy seats, table service, great view; what’s not to love. You may even be able to find some great holiday deals that include a minimal charge to upgrade to 1st class; then you’ll really be travelling in style!


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Travelling by train as opposed to cars and planes uses a lot less energy and will, therefore, reduce your carbon footprint. We know that not everyone will be too concerned about this when setting off on your holiday to enjoy yourself, but this is important and is worth considering. The many holiday deals for train holidays also include an option to carbon offset your travel for a small extra charge.


The journey is an experience

Not many holidays can say such a thing. Your train journey is part of the holiday. While you may be spending hours on the train travelling to your destination, this is a good thing! Hours upon hours of staring out the window looking at the amazing scenery as it changes between counties is just astonishing. Sure, seeing the earth from above is great, for the two minutes you’re looking out the window and not sleeping, but wouldn’t you rather see it up close?


Quick and Easy

In comparison to flying, catching a train is a breeze. These long haul trains may require a little bit of extra foresight and early arrival, but nothing compared to flying. You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport two hours early or checking in your bags, it’s as easy as catching a normal train most of the time. Use this extra time to have a well-deserved lie-in and enjoy not being stressed.


When you’re browsing the internet for holiday deals for your next big trip, consider train holidays in the UK. This country has some wonderful scenery and hidden villages to discover that you won’t see any other way. If you’re looking for a true holiday deal then you will definitely be able to save some cash travelling by rail, and you’ll have a comfier and more entertaining journey!