Why Is Internet Speed So Important Nowadays?

Why Is Internet Speed So Important Nowadays?

In today’s connected society when everything we do is online, having a fast and reliable internet connection is necessary. With online streaming services pumping out higher and higher quality material, having a slow internet connection is not an option if you want to experience the new wave of on-demand entertainment.


More and more people are now working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and experts suggest that it is set to stay like this. Companies have realised that large parts of their workforce can easily work from home instead of coming into the office. For this to continue, all employees need a reliable internet connection.


We’ve established that everyone uses the internet all day, every day, but with so many different providers to choose from, people often get stressed out thinking about improving their plan. With Virgin Media Broadband, BT and others offering competitive packages many feel that they’ll just stick with their existing internet rather than dealing with the notoriously pushy salespeople.


To give you the motivation you need to get up off your sofa and give Virgin Media Broadband a call, we’ve put together a list of the biggest reasons why having a fast internet speed is so important nowadays:


Remote Working

We’ve already established that this is a very important factor. Whether you are currently working from home or not, this is a large possibility for the future as society progresses to be more separated. Having a fast reliable internet connection will soon be a requirement when applying for jobs and having a super-fast broadband provider like Virgin Media Broadband will actually give your chances of landing the job a boost!


Similarly, when working from home, dealing with the stress of having internet issues when you have a lot of work to get through is enough to make anyone pull their hair out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Video Calling

Relating to working from home again, when you are in your fifth video meeting of the day and your connection is still awful you may find yourself slowly becoming detached from your colleagues and your work. If your team is finding it difficult to see or hear you and you can’t join in on valuable discussions this could seriously hamper your work. Similarly, when you are stuck in your house you will want to have the best quality possible to see your friends and colleagues and replicate an in-person meeting as closely as possible for your own mental sanity.


Online Streaming

We live in a world where a new online streaming service pops up every day with a new hit movie or tv series that is unmissable. Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are just a few of the streaming services that are releasing new content daily. This content is also very high quality and with services now offering 4K packages, a good internet speed is needed to be able to consume these series how they were meant to be viewed.


Internet providers such as Virgin Media Broadband offer various packages that include subscriptions to Netflix and the like, meaning you could actually save money by getting better internet! What a bonus!



For work or leisure, we are all constantly downloading things. Whether this is music, videos, documents or pictures of your auntie’s cats, a fast internet connection is important so to not slow down your whole house when downloading something. For the gamers out there, all the newest games are now released directly to consoles available for immediate download. The file sizes are incredibly large and can slow your internet down for a whole day sometimes.


The Cloud

We may not completely understand the cloud but we know that it’s important. A lot of our work will operate over the cloud and a lot of us will use services like Google Drive to store and share a lot of our personal online possessions. If you have to upload a folder full of documents, presentations or videos to share with others, having a fast internet connection will allow you to do this in a flash. 


In a time where everything we do is online, it is imperative to have access to a fast and reliable internet connection at home. With ISPs such as Virgin Media Broadband offering a variety of fairly cheap packages, here is now no excuse to not keep up with the times. Streaming content on Netflix constantly, having multiple video meetings and downloading new music can take a toll on your broadband. Why not future proof your home and have a look at the latest broadband deals from Virgin Media or similar?