What causes electromagnetic pollution?


The world is a noisy place. From the sounds of your neighbors to the hum of fluorescent lights, there’s no escaping background noise. But there is something else that you may not have noticed: electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic pollution can be caused by many different sources, but what exactly is electromagnetic pollution? And how does it affect your health? Here are some common sources of electromagnetic pollution and what you can do to reduce exposure:

Power lines

Power lines are a source of electromagnetic pollution. They can emit electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are harmful to health. These EMFs can cause cancer, headaches and nausea.



  • You may not realize it, but your appliances can be causing electromagnetic pollution. Any appliance that uses electricity or other forms of energy can cause electromagnetic pollution to the environment and even to the planet.
  • This includes everything from refrigerators and air conditioners to microwaves and coffee makers. Anything that has a motor inside will have some sort of electromagnetic field, whether it’s an electric toothbrush or a power drill.
  • And while these fields won’t affect you directly unless you stand very close to them for too long (and even then, there isn’t enough data yet), they do have an effect on Earth’s magnetic field—which protects us against harmful solar radiation!

Cell phones

Cell phones can affect all sorts of wireless devices, including wifi networks and other cell phones. This is because the spectrum they use is the same one used by wifi and many other wireless devices, such as baby monitors.

Cell phones can also interfere with power lines if they’re too close to them. The electromagnetic field generated by a cell phone can actually cause fluctuations in electric current, which can be dangerous for people with pacemakers or other medical equipment that relies on electrical signals to work properly.



It’s important to keep in mind that computers are not the only source of electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to your health. In fact, every electronic device emits at least some electromagnetic radiation, and many items—including cell phones, televisions and even microwaves—can result in significant amounts of electromagnetic pollution when used improperly or analyzed under certain conditions.

However, computers are a major factor when it comes to public health concerns about electromagnetic pollution. Their use is widespread enough that they have become a common household fixture; their effect on human beings has been extensively studied since before they were even invented. While most people don’t think twice about using their computer every day without worrying about its effects on them (or on others), there may be reasons why you should reconsider how often you turn yours on or off; this section will explore these possibilities further below.

Smart meters/devices

Smart meters are a form of electromagnetic pollution. They’re used to measure electricity usage, but they can cause health problems, fires and other damage if you don’t take precautions.

Smart meters are designed to record how much energy is being used in your home or business so that power companies can better understand how their customers use electricity and charge accordingly. They do this by emitting radio waves from the meter itself as it transmits information about your home’s energy usage back to the utility company over cellular networks (like Verizon or AT&T).

These radio waves travel through walls just fine; they’ll still go right through your walls even if you have brick construction! So unless you live in an apartment building where all rooms are connected via shared walls, there’s no way to be completely protected from these signals unless you move out entirely or insulate yourself with special materials like lead sheeting or plexiglass sheets (which aren’t cheap).


Electromagnetic pollution is caused by many sources

You may be wondering, “Where does electromagnetic pollution come from?” There are many sources.

Power lines are the largest source of electro-magnetic pollution. The high voltage power lines that carry electricity to our homes can generate a wide range of frequencies that disrupt sleep and cause other health problems as well.

All appliances create some form of electromagnetic pollution, but if you have an appliance with a cord or plug it creates far more than those that don’t need to be plugged in; therefore consider unplugging anything you aren’t using at the moment so as not to add excess electromagnetic radiation into your environment. Cell phones emit EMF waves which can interfere with brain function and cause headaches, dizziness and nausea when used close to the head (as in talking on them). Computers emit large amounts of EMFs due their extremely complex circuitry which generates huge amounts of low frequency magnetism. Smart meters/devices such as smart watches (GPS), smart glasses (AR), smart rings etc., all produce very high levels of microwave emissions which can lead to significant health problems including cancer!

As you can see, electromagnetic pollution is a serious issue. It affects everyone and it is important to understand what causes it so we can do something about it. There are many sources of electromagnetic pollution but it’s not always easy to know which ones are causing problems because they are often hidden from view or not obvious. If you have any concerns about your home or workplace then contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you find out if there is anything going on that could be causing harm to people or animals around them.”