The best broadband deals for spring 2021

 The best broadband deals for spring 2021

Whether you need to empower the whole family with ultrafast Wi-Fi content streaming or rely on a stable internet connection at work, we are here to help you filter the digital wheat into the channels when it comes to the best UK broadband deals. We have carefully compiled a list of the best offers currently available, so you can save hundreds of pounds during your contract.

Almost all of the broadband deals below include unlimited bandwidth, but be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up. We have to warn you that most of these prices are for a limited time, so if you like something you see below, it is a good idea to take advantage of an existing contract because there are no guarantees that you will get a cheaper price later. Below, you will find excellent broadband deals at the time of writing, catering to all budget and bandwidth needs.


Not all broadband deals will work for your postal code but, thankfully, all of the broadband services below have their own postcode testing to find out which one is the best available in your area. Alternatively, to save time, you can simply use the nearby section below to quickly find the best broadband offer currently available for your postal code, and move on.


Find the best broadband deals in your area this Spring




With standard download speeds of 145Mbits / sec (over Sky Broadband Essential’s 11Mbits / sec), Sky’s Broadband Ultrafast is the company’s premium broadband service. In addition, the Ultrafast Broadband and Sky TV package currently dropped to £ 47 from £ 60, saving £ 13 a month.


As the contract lasts for 18 months, you will be saving a total of £ 234 by the time it expires. This package comes with a speed guarantee, which if your internet speed drops below a guaranteed 100Mbits / sec for three consecutive days, you can get a refund.




Virgin currently offers new customers £ 16 a month in its Fiber Broadband pockets, for the first 18 months – meaning a total savings of £ 288!


Savings apply to all four of their packages:

M100 package (median speed 108Mbits / sec – was £ 44 / mnth; now £ 28 / mnth)

M200 package (average speed of 214Mbits / sec – was £ 50 / mnth; now £ 34 / mnth)

Package M300 (average speed Mbits / 362 seconds – was £ 56 / mnth; now £ 40 mnth

M400 packet (average speed of 516 Mbits / sec – was £ 62 / mnth; now £ 46 mnth)


Community Fiber:


You may not have heard of Community Fiber, especially since it is not yet widely available in the UK. But, if you reside in an area that offers this broadband service, you will find that it is worth a lot of money because you are getting faster speeds than the price you would otherwise pay.


But what’s particularly interesting about Community Fiber right now, you can get to the first three months for free if you switch today. We can recommend the Gigafast package, as you get impressive speeds of up to one Gbits / sec, two free routes and free setup. You also get the first three months for free, which means that since this package usually costs £ 49 a month, this agreement will save you £ 147. This agreement expires on April 28, so hurry up and get it before it expires!




Like Community Fiber, Hyperoptic is another well-known internet service provider with a fast-paced, fast-paced price. If one of the two most recent broadband deals takes you for good, then go fast, they are part of the flash sale that ends on April 11th.

The service provider has reduced the price for its three services:

Superfast plan (average download speed of 150Mbits / sec – was £ 35 / month; now £ 29 / month)

Ultrafast program (average download speed of 500Mbits / sec; was £ 50 / month; now £ 33 / month)

Hyperfast plan (average download speed of 1GB / sec; was £ 60 / month; now £ 39 / month)




If you switch to Vodafone’s Pro Broadband before May 2, the company will offer you a £75 voucher that you can use on one of the many models, such as Amazon. Other factors that make Vodafone worthy of consideration are its promise of “inflation”, its unlimited use of broadband and the lack of prepaid bills.

Speed ​​will definitely depend on where you live, but there are three packages available:


Superfast (35 – 100 Mbits / sec)

Ultrafast (200 – 500 Mbits / sec)

Gigafast (up to 900 Mbits / sec)


Broadband is one of those things that every home has to have. However, while it may be easier to just pick the first one, it is worth shopping around to find the best broadband deals and best speeds. If you have a home full of people, you will want to ensure that you pick a provider that has great speeds all year round so your house members don’t get annoyed. But, fast internet speeds come with higher prices that you might not be able to afford. Therefore, you should look at the amazing broadband deals above from well-known and not so well-known providers to surf the web in style.