The 5 must-have wireless appliances for 2020

The 5 must-have wireless appliances for 2020

We live in a wonderful age full of technological innovation where every type of appliance is improving and getting better year after year. Our favourite household tools like TV’s and washing machines are becoming smart and in some cases, wireless.


The complications that these companies face when making appliances wireless is the size of the battery and whether someone would want to charge said appliance. Washing machines, for example, are one appliance that will not go wireless anytime soon. The sheer amount of power by which washing machines need to function could not be sustained by a battery. Similarly, why would you want a wireless washing machine?


So, we can see that some appliances make sense being wireless, and some don’t. Companies have realized this and have started mass-producing wireless versions of the products that work. But with so many new appliances coming out and only a limited amount of money to spend, what do you go for? Everyone is different, and the wireless applications that appeal to you might not for someone else.


There are certain appliances and household objects, however, that has been a central part of our lives and kitchens for some time. The new wireless versions of these are now becoming prominent and are considered must-haves. Vacuum cleaners, food processors and speakers are just a few of the appliances that have gone wireless and succeeded.


Let’s take a look in some more detail at which appliances are the must-haves for 2020.


Vacuum Cleaner

The wireless vacuum cleaner is one of the most common wireless appliances that people have in their homes. While some still think it took longer than it should for it to make the transition, of the items on this list this is the one that started the revolution. There are handheld vacuums and plain old large, full-size wireless vacuums that exist, and that you probably have in your house. 


The reason wireless vacuums have succeeded where other wireless appliances have failed is that it just makes sense. You need to be freed of the prison of a wire to clean hard to reach places. Having a vacuum cleaner with a wire is almost old-fashioned nowadays. So, if you don’t have a wireless vacuum already, it is definitely a must-have for 2021.


Food Processor

The second item on our list may take people by surprise. The food processor isn’t something that many people will think of when they think of wireless appliances. It is often big and clunky and doesn’t live on the counter. It also requires a lot of power and you might not think that it would suit being wireless.

Smaller food processors are now available from large well-known brands like Kitchenaid that are completely wireless. The medium-sized food choppers work really well as a wireless appliance that you can move around the kitchen at free will to cook up a delicious meal. While this may be a new appliance for you, it is easily one of the must-have wireless appliances of 2020.


Rice Cooker

If you thought that wireless food processors were strange, you might not be able to comprehend a wireless rice cooker. These fascinating machines have started to become more common over the past couple of years. This is in part thanks to their wireless component and part people realising how amazing rice cookers are.


Being able to easily move this large appliance off the counter when you’re finished using it has been a revolutionary introduction. Rice cookers are great pieces of equipment because they simplify the awkward process of cooking and storing cooked rice. It is definitely one of the must-have wireless appliances of 2020.



While you may not consider this an appliance, wireless speakers are one of the most common and most used household wireless objects. Having a speaker that you can move around your house at will while it’s playing music is life-changing. Now with all these speakers having built-in assistants, they are popping up in almost every household. Whether you want to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks, a wireless speaker is a must-have appliance for everyone.


Pan Stirrer

You might not have heard of a wireless pan stirrer before, but this little contraption could transform your cooking workflow. When cooking a stew, sauce or curry that needs constant or regular stirring, you can put this little device in the pot and it will automatically keep stirring continually. Carry on doing whatever you want to do whether that is cooking other elements of the dish, watching TV or scrolling through your phone. This small wireless appliance is definitely a must-have in 2020.


Wireless appliances are here and they’re here to stay. Many companies have been incorporating or transforming their products into wireless versions. Smaller but bigger batteries have made this possible and now there are so many wireless appliances, people don’t know what to buy. There are some products that won’t go wireless anytime soon, washing machines, for example. If you want to indulge in the new wireless movement and get a useful home appliance in the process, consider our top 5 list and pick up something today.