Mobile Phones Apps to Support Diversity

Mobile Phones Apps to Support Diversity

Diversity is the word on everyone’s lips. With societies moving in the right direction around the world and putting things in place to support diversity, it is time for everyone to now do their part, no matter how small.


Diversity considers the makeup of a workplace or school, for example, having a diverse assortment of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations and religions. It used to be the case that certain minorities were discriminated against and not given a chance because of their race, religion or nationality, among other things.


Thanks to a long process of protests and law changes, this is now becoming the main focus for companies when hiring. There are also guidelines that they have to follow in order to be inclusive. However, companies don’t always follow this process and often get called out for having exclusively white men in executive positions.


Thanks to technology and our connected world, there is a lot we can do to promote diversity with just our mobile phones. There are several mobile phone apps that allow you to support inclusion during everyday life with simple choices.


Supporting diversity is a job for everyone, and if we want to continue to see improvement in workplace diversity and inclusion, we each have to keep it at the forefront of our mind and do our part.


Here are some mobile phone apps that make it easy to support diversity during your day:



This fantastic mobile phone app helps human resource departments to meet their diversity goals. It has a whole range of features enabling easy communication with employees and management tools for training, recruiting, performance management and analytics. Through these features, the company can set goals for diversity and inclusion and easily track them to make sure they are adhering to their obligations and expectations of their employees.



With a few awards under its belt, this mobile phone app was created to eliminate bias when recruiting new employees. The unique software does this by using advanced algorithm analytics to hide candidates’ pictures, names and any other information that isn’t relevant to the position. Unfortunately, all of us hold unconscious bias, which is strengthened in a working environment when trying to hire the perfect person for the job.



This mobile app is slightly different in that it coaches companies to avoid bias rather than taking matters into its own hands. It is a diversity coaching app that works to identify problems in their process and guide them through this problem to find solutions to the problem. This is beneficial as it helps the actual people making decisions through the problems rather than using a program to take them out of the decision making process. 



Launching in 2014, this app helps to connect women who work in young star-ups and large international companies that care about gender diversity and inclusion specifically. Implementing diversity practices in both is difficult and this app allows these women to share ideas and help in the larger fight. We are stronger together and in this difficult fight for diversity in the workplace. Having mobile phone apps like this that makes it easier to communicate and share ideas allows us to achieve diversity faster.


If you’ve been struggling to figure out how you can involve yourself in the fight for true diversity, these mobile phone apps are an easy way to help. While it may seem insignificant, diversity in the workplace is only achieved when people make themselves heard, and everyone gets involved. These apps help in the recruitment process by getting rid of unconscious bias and training teams to ignore it. Tackling the problem head-on will lead to more diversity in the world, and these apps are just the start.