Here’s How to Stop Smart Devices Tracking

Here’s How to Stop  Smart Devices Tracking

Do you know your smart devices are tracking you?  

Whether it is your tablet, your smartphone, your laptop, assistant of the smart home, the console of video games, these are all devices which provides you with social connectivity and amusement. But these smart devices are sharing your current location.

A camera attached to your computer and voice assistant is not just helping you, but on another hand, it is performing an alarming secret task.

Your every move is tracking by your smart devices; smart devices are watching you. All tech devices such as your smart TVs, smartphone, video doorbells, your intellectual thermostat these all acting as a spy any time.

These all your favourites’ devices are watching recording your every move, and one frightening thing is that they can spread your secret information online.

But luckily there is some precaution which you can follow for the protection of your privacy.

Who is viewing you?

Companies collect data of their consumers; probably this is just for the consumer’s satisfaction. In this way by tracking consumers every move, a habit they can provide their consumers with a lot of personalised services. However, some smart devices companies fail to reveal their data collection practice.

For Example:

Federal trade commission fined to Vizio TV maker, they sell their customers data to a third party.

One vulnerability is that hackers can hack storage data of customers from the company server computer.

You are not going to stop using your smart and electronics devices.

You need to become smart while you are using your smart devices, you should be aware that every device is tracking you and what steps you can make to stop these tracking.

Be cautious about your smart home device:

Home assistant such as Google Homework and Amazon Echo are recording every voice commands.

Whenever you give commands of Hey Google, Hey Bob, a file audio is generated and is automatically stored on the Amazon and Google server. 

There is a way to delete these voice recording files when you on your account, but whenever you are not using it you should mute the microphone. 

Be cautious about your smartphone:

Most of the people in the world keep their phone with them at all time of day. If your phone gets hacked, then this is a very easy way to track your location.

Be aware of what apps you are installing in your phones.

Smartphone also has a voice assistant, if you are using iPhone then you should turn off Siri in the setting, If you are using the android phone then hold the home button and press the “—“, and if you are a window user then tap the app of a virtual assistant to turn off Cortana.

Be cautious about smartwatches and fitness trackers:

  • Put tape on your camera while you are not using it
  • Keep a strong password that hackers cannot hack your device.
  • Use the two-step authentication in this way you will know when someone is trying to hack your information immediately.
  • Keep updating your firmware

So, these are some measures which you should take to protect your privacy from cyber-attack.