This is Why People Are Installing New Home Security Systems in the 2020?

This is Why People Are Installing New Home Security Systems in the 2020?

Your home is at a higher risk of burglary than you think!

In the United States, an average of 2.5 million robberies occurs every year according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

A burglary occurs every 13 seconds and law, and enforcement agencies are able to solve only 13 percent of these burglaries because of lack of evidence and eyewitnesses.

You may never regain what you have lost in a robbery.

The New York Times reports that the homes without a security system are 300 percent likelier to be burglarized.

So why not give a thought to protect your home from burglary and investing in a good security system?

Home security systems provide you with peace of mind, and many are offered at an affordable price these days.

In the past, Home security systems were hardwired and required technicians to wire it through the house and connect it to the phone line or your internet system.

They also needed an expensive monthly monitoring plan.

This increased the cost of the security system, and it was easy to breach for the burglars by cutting off the wires.

But now, Home security systems are smarter and technologically advanced.

With wireless technology being introduced, there is no need for hardwiring and contracts.

Wireless technology has also brought down the cost of these security systems to as low as $30 per month.

Installation of a home security system also brings down the premiums of your home insurance plan to an average of $20.

There are many do it yourself security systems which you can install by yourself making them a practical and cheaper choice.  

The Home security systems are now more effective and secure as they are connected via cellular technology.

The robbers are unable to turn off the signals or alter them in any way. Many systems now come with full-field view cameras by allowing a 360*rotation.

Some security systems come with facial recognition and are able to recognize the faces of homeowners and family members.

They alert you in case of an unfamiliar face attempting to gain access into the house. Some security cameras also have smartphone integration where you can change the angle of the camera through your smartphone.

Installing a home security system is not a bad deal these days as it gives you peace of mind at a cheap rate.

It also decreases the cost of your Home insurance plans and makes them more affordable. But where to shop the best Home security systems?

For this, you need to dive into the market and check the deals available.

Different companies charge different rates for their systems and finding the cheaper systems is not always that easy.

You need to check the services offered by the leading companies in the market. Many companies offer special deals and are responsible for installation as well as monitoring.

Home security systems alert you instantly if a criminal tries to break into your house or if a suspicious activity is going on in your surroundings.  

They allow you to protect your home and loved ones at an affordable price.

But to find a system which offers the best security in your price range, you will have to search the market and do comparison shopping.