Why You Should Swap Your Carpet for a Wooden Floor

Why You Should Swap Your Carpet for a Wooden Floor

The way you choose to design your home is a big decision and one that says a lot about you. There are so many different decisions to make when deciding on the colour scheme, style and materials to use throughout your house, that it can often get overwhelming.


One of the biggest decisions when designing your home is deciding whether to have wood flooring or carpet.

If you have just moved into a new house, you may also be considering whether to swap your carpet for wood flooring. Tearing up all the carpets in the house is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly.


When deciding to take on the work that is required to switch from carpet to wooden flooring, you need to have sound reasoning for doing so. Luckily, there are some great reasons to make the switch.


Read on to find out why you too should swap carpet from engineered oak flooring.



What do you do if you spill some food on a carpet? If it is a bad stain, you might have to buy some expensive chemicals or even rent a carpet washing machine. Cleaning something off an engineered oak floor is a lot easier and won’t leave any lasting stains. If it is a nasty stain, then you might even have to hire professional cleaners. Regardless, having carpets leaves you susceptible to extra costs or time spent cleaning.


Wear and Tear

Unlike engineered oak flooring, carpets get worn out over time and lose their appeal. All the time you spend walking over the same area of carpet speeds up its discolouration as you’re probably aware of. This, along with the years of spills and accidents, leave your carpet looking like an old rug. Unfortunately, there is also not much you can do to rectify these problems apart from tearing up the carpet and putting a new one down. Alternatively, an average engineered oak floor lasts ten years before it will require any sort of maintenance. Solid hardwood floors can be scheduled for simple upkeep every couple of years to keep them in good condition and to maintain their glorious shine and quality. 



While this might not be a concern for everyone, we all likely know someone that has allergies and can imagine a situation in which they would enter a sneezing fit just by entering our house. If this sounds like something you want to avoid, then you should seriously consider swapping carpet for oak wood flooring. Dust mites and other allergens can easily get caught in the carpet and cause you to distress for months on end. These allergens can sink to the bottom of the carpet and be flung back into the air once disturbed by a vacuum cleaner, not ideal! Opting for a hardwood floor will give these nasty allergens nothing to cling onto and will leave your house allergy-free.



Everyone’s taste is different, but one thing is for certain, engineered oak flooring is very in right now. Whether you are preparing to sell your home and want to show it off, or are thinking of a complete home redesign, simply ripping up the flooring could reveal the beautiful, versatile, durable and sleek layer of wood flooring. It adds a sense of class to any home and will give the entire house a new lease of life.



Making the decision to change the flooring throughout your house is a tough one because it requires a lot of work and expense. While it depends on personal preference, many people have opted to get rid of their dated carpet and replace it with engineered oak flooring. There are many good reasons to make the switch. While it may be a bigger expense at the beginning, wood flooring is a lot easier to maintain as spills and stains can just be whipped away. As well as it standing the test of time, it also doesn’t gather any allergens so your home can stay allergy-free.