House Cleaning Service Options available to Seniors.

House Cleaning Service Options available to Seniors.

Cleaning the House is an inevitable duty. But that’s also a huge challenge for seniors.

As mobility becomes more difficult, it can become both dangerous and impossible to clean your house.

For this reason, seniors should consider using a cleaning service.

Don’t risk a fall or other accident — a qualified home cleaning service will deal with the job for you.

House cleaning companies will bring to your home trained professionals so they can keep it spotless for you. 

Such experts do the job while you can relax. With so many different choices of home cleaning services, you will find a company that will clean your house at a price you can afford.

Check out the following popular services that can provide a break from the difficult cleaning job for seniors.

Molly Maid

Molly Maid is one of the largest and most popular housekeeping services in the United States.

Molly Maid will make your home clean, available in almost every U.S. state, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Molly Maid offers homeowners an assurance that cleaning jobs will be done right.

If you book a cleaning job, you can count on getting excellent service.

Molly Maid’s Services include:

  • Comprehensive housekeeping
  • Cleaning buildings
  • Unique Cleaning Activity
  • Housekeeping Treatment

Pricing for Molly Maid varies depending on where you live and the distance that the maids have to travel to your home.

So Molly Maid is not advertising fixed prices.

However, Molly Maid offers free estimates in-home, so you’ll know the cost of cleaning your house before you pay.

They estimate, according to HomeGuide, that two cleaners cost between $75 and $96 per hour.

Cleaning Authority

Cleaning Authority is a major U.S. house cleaning company in operation for over 40 years.

The company employs professionally trained workers who know how to clean a home quickly and efficiently.

Each work at the Cleaning Authority comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. And the company is bonded and insured to secure the most valuable items.

Ultimately, the Cleaning Authority is a trustworthy source for seniors wanting to be confident that their home will be routinely and professionally cleaned.

As with virtually all national cleaning services, prices for the Cleaning Authority differ by state.

However, the company does offer a program called MyTCA Rewards which gives points to customers which can be used to score free cleaning services.

In addition, Cleaning Authority provides a rate estimator for the rough calculation of cleaning levels on its website.

According to HomeGuide, Cleaning Authority is reported to be ranging from $75 to $90 an hour for two cleaners.

Simple Maid

For seniors who are not looking for a long-term contract, Maid Simple is a perfect cleaning service.

Maid Simple is an excellent choice if you’d like to have your home cleaned as desired.

Hire Maid Easy, and you’re not going to have a long term contract.

You will also undergo a thorough cleaning process, but only done with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Although its services are available only in seven states, Maid Simple is a company that all seniors should consider.

Maid Simple does not provide estimates, instead, every time a maid visits your house, you’ll pay a fixed charge.

The bill is combined with an hourly rate depending on how long the maids work for you.

This pricing model is perfect for clients looking for a simple, straightforward solution.

Maid Right

Maid Right is a regional franchise-driven cleaning service across the region.

You can pick just how much you want skilled cleaning — Maid Right provides both one-time and regular cleaning services.

Both services come with a guarantee of service, so you will be confident that you get the results you want.

Since Maid Right focuses on both recurring and one-time services, on the Provider’s website you can book all types of services.

To simplify the payment, you can file a credit card or pay the maids directly after they have done their job.

As with most maid services, rates differ according to the services you require.

Merry Maids

Merry Maids is one of the largest maid services in the United States, with a long history of sparkling clean homes around the country.

Certain of Merry Maids ‘ cleaning services include:

  • Holiday cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Green cleaning
  • Specialty cleaning

They’re predicting that two Merry Maids cleaners would cost $100 an hour, according to HomeGuide.

The Merry Maids website will help you estimate the cost of cleaning your house if you want a more accurate estimate.

After you have submitted an application, a representative from your local Merry Maids office will contact you to provide a more accurate estimate.

Merry Maids also gives clients vouchers for up to $100 off initial transactions on its website.

Find the Perfect House Cleaning Service

Thanks to the Internet, when it comes to choosing a home cleaning service you have more choices than ever before.

In your very own neighborhood, you will find countless choices, all without having to leave home — which is important to senior citizens.

And if you’re searching for online home cleaning services, you’ll also be able to compare the providers all at once.

Make sure the right cleaning services for your home and needs are searched online.