How To Start 2021 As Healthy As Possible

How To Start 2021 As Healthy As Possible

We’ve all been at the start of a new year with a long list of things we want to achieve in the new year; new year, new me. However, it doesn’t always go exactly to plan and we often end up failing most of our objectives within the first week.


A successful news years resolutions list comes down to careful planning and being realistic. Common themes include starting to work out, eating healthier, and being better with money. The reasons most people fail is because they don’t stick to it immediately and then think “what’s the point?”


One of the most important resolutions you can make is being healthier, and we are going to help you start 2021 as healthy as possible. Losing weight is confusing with so much complicated information about weight loss tips, diet plans and secret remedies.


If you want to shift that weight in 2021 let us help you sift through the weight loss information as we list out the best weight loss diet plans and tips to help you achieve your goals without losing your mind.



Yes, it’s obvious, if you want to lose weight you will have to incorporate some exercise into your routine, as painful as this may be. The important thing, however, is to take some things into consideration so you don’t burn out immediately and quit. 


You should build up to it slowly by incorporating five, and then 10, and then 20 minutes of exercise into your day to get used to it. You should also find something you enjoy to do as you’ll look forward to exercising and not dreading it. 


You don’t need to do it a lot to see benefits, just 30 minutes of exercise a day consistently can improve your overall health and help you shift those pounds.

Eat Healthily

Eating is the second most important contributor to weight loss. While it might be an idea to choose a good weight loss diet plan, there is also the option of learning the principles of a healthy diet and sticking to those rather than shoehorning yourself into a diet plan. Depending on your gender, weight, age and goals, you will want to eat a certain amount of calories to be in a calorie deficit of about 500 calories.

These calories should be composed of carbs, protein and healthy fats in good proportions. You should eat five fruits and vegetables a day to ensure you get the necessary vitamins and minerals that are conducive to weight loss and general good health.


Diet Plan

If you find it easier to stick to a strict diet plan so that you don’t have to think and worry about your meals, there are plenty to choose from. One thing holds true, however, the most successful diet plans are the ones people stick to the longest. No diet plan has a magic formula, the results are mostly the same, the people who follow it consistently see better results.


Depending on the food you like and your lifestyle, search for diet plans that fit into the food you like to eat. If you are enjoying the food then you will stick to it longer. If you choose a diet and hate everything you’re eating then you will probably throw in the towel after a week. 


Mindfulness / remind of goals

While this doesn’t strictly pertain to weight loss, having a clear mind and reminding yourself of your goals and why you are working towards them will help you to stick to them. Losing sight of your reasons for starting your weight loss diet plans can have devastating effects. Practising mindfulness also has a range of other benefits that can improve your general outlook on life. It may be hard to get into a first, but there are lots of great apps that you can follow to get in a rhythm.


If you want to start 2021 as healthy as possible, you need to prepare and make resolutions that you can stick to. Starting to exercise and eat better are two key components for a happy and successful 2021. Choosing from a range of weight loss diet plans can be tricky, but be sure to pick the one that suits you best and that you will stick to. Incorporate some exercise every day and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy 2021.