18 Strange food combinations you just need to try

18 Strange food combinations you just need to try

Do you often find yourself wary of trying out new things, particularly when it comes to food?

Okay, we were all in there. Not understanding how something is going to taste can really put you off about trying new foods. 

Fortunately, though, combinations of foods that might sound disgusting can actually make delicious pairings.

Here’s a compiled list of 18 surprisingly delicious food combinations you should try!

Potato Chips as Burger/Sandwich Toppings

This one is not too wild amongst all the different possible food combinations. When you think about it, potato chips and burgers or sandwiches often fall into the same category of food.

Burgers and sandwiches are most often served with a side of chips anyway!

Think of the potato chip as if it’s a french fries, if you’re eating a burger, it’s possible that fries would fall into the same bite, so many of us are used to it.

And both fries and chips are simply different kinds of salty potatoes. The chips could add a nice crunchy flavor to a sandwich and until you try it, you’ll never know.

Don’t give it a knock until you try!

Popcorn and Candy Combinations

This snack may not come as a total surprise for lovers of the sweet and salty combinations. This doesn’t mean any candy will taste good with popcorn, though you can certainly try it.

Sour gummy worms, for example, may not go well with hot popcorn. Nevertheless, the saltiness of popcorn does go well with plenty of chocolate and hard candies.

To this combo, things like M&Ms, Junior Mints, caramel, and more are great. And if you have any doubts, try to think of it as kettle maize or caramel maize.

Both are considered normal, and both involve a sweet shape! Although this one still seems rational, certainly the next one is not.

Fruit-Flavored Coffee Varieties

No, to get that mix, you don’t have to drop berries or other fruits into your sweet, steaming cup of coffee. You just need to try a coffee flavor that has traces of a certain fruit.

Today, maybe you would think: fruit and coffee? Gross!Gross!

But what you might have to consider for getting behind the idea is that it really only boils down to a bittersweet flavor.

The bitter taste of coffee, like blueberry or raspberry, can be perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the slight tartness of certain berries. It’s almost like having dessert coffee, you only get them in one package this way!

Melted Cheese and Fried Chicken

Just let’s say this mix isn’t going to be the healthiest thing you’re eating all week.

This mixture of greasy and rich foods that sounds far-fetched but we like to dip in melted cheese most other junk foods.

Aren’t we? There are nacho chips with butter, melted cheese on burgers, and Italian dishes with melted cheese everywhere!

So why is fried chicken an exception?

Most people say the melted cheese belongs on fried chicken just as it is on pizza. If you’re trying a new combination of foods, you might consider trying this one, but beware of the calories! Let’s look at a mix of parties next.

Root Beer and Spiced Rum

Rum and root beer go especially well together in spiced flavors, due to their similarity.

Most would think to add sodas like colas to rum for mixed drinks first, but for certainly spiced rums root beer is thought to be a great mixer.

Some people even go as far as making this mix of spiced root beer floats!

Just get some carbonated root beer, your preferred option, and spiced rum part, blend, and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And then, voila! By your hands, you have a concoction of flavors. 

The next is an absolute must-try!

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles are a tried-and-tested mix of food and yet people are still wary of trying it. Perhaps it’s the fact that crispy, greasy fried chicken is about to be smothered in sucrose syrup that turns people off.

Perhaps it is because breakfast and lunch are put on the same plate. Whatever the explanation for this combination you should set aside your hesitation!

In reality, fried chicken and waffles make a delicious sweet and savory mix which you can not forget.

Lose your inhibitions, and get lost in some waffles and chicken! 

Next up we have one between us for the spice lovers.

Sriracha Sauce and Peanut Butter

If you haven’t tried the weird mix of unlikely spreads yet, you’ve got to!

Sriracha sauce and peanut butter may not sound appetizing together but it’s not that strange idea.

Have you ever had Thai food with a peanut sauce in it?

Well, it probably mixed the peanut flavor with other savory or even spicy flavors.

And when you add peanut butter so sriracha and put them on something like toast, that’s kind of what you get.

Some people also mix them together to make a brand new sauce from the mixture.

Your oyster is the world, but maybe don’t try to put this combination on oysters … the next one will sound very strange to you!

Whiskey and Pickles

If you have ever had to chase a strong shot with something that tastes completely different, then you will understand the logic behind variations of whisky and pickle juice.

The theory is that if you are taking a strong whisky drink, the saltiness and power of the pickle flavor will offset the alcohol immediately afterward.

This strange combination is not only an unexpected one; it’s also a really great idea.

For their whisky, some bars also serve this as an alternative. It’s a strange procedure but some people say it really works! 

Let’s move on now for a more classy combination.

Champagne and Fried Foods

You might think of something upscale when you’re thinking about champagne.

Oily foods such as fried food can often give you the sensation of being weighed down.

Nonetheless, champagne is sweet, bubbled, and is intended to lift you up, so to speak.

Most people believe champagne is a perfect counter to fried foods ‘ rich fatness. With any fried food of your choosing, you should try that out!

Next is another variation of the cheat day.

Hot Dogs with Cream Cheese Topping

This one is not completely surprising, considering that these days people are going to put just about anything on a hot dog, but cream cheese?

You may be wondering what would compel someone to put this condiment on a salty hot dog. I guess the answer lies in the taste test, you’ll have to try it on your own.

People actually put cream cheese in foods like sushi and that’s kind of an odd mix.

Whatever your rationale is, if only to say you did, you would make an effort to try out this seemingly ridiculous combination!

Pizza and Ranch

That combination of foods is definitely bizarre. If you picture family cookouts, salads, and fresh, raw vegetables, ranch dressing is what you think about.

To go with pizza certainly isn’t something you’d expect. Nonetheless, apparently, a lot of people swear on this combination, owing to the special red sauce and mixing of dressing.

Kids also seem to like that mix, sometimes dipping their slices in school cafeterias in the dressing.

It is definitely unique. If there is one thing about this combination that you can tell, it’s totally unexpected and ready to change your mind.

Although this one may not be too strange, the next one just sounds gross.

Kraft Cheese and Instant Ramen

On the classic instant ramen box, people have tried to make different twists, some people add garlic powder, some add butter or poached eggs.

Nevertheless, what you might not have expected to do is for people to melt a slice of Kraft cheese on a hot ramen cup.

That’s Okay. It sounds bizarre but it’s just another kind of cheesy pasta if you think about it.

Only this time, the pasta is sitting in a broth?

Either way, this is one of those combinations that must possibly only be tried in order to really understand. Try it, and see if you want it!

The next one is probably one everyone’s heard of, but have you tried it?

French Fries and Milkshakes

Whether it’s chocolate or coffee, most people can agree that at least we’ve heard of someone doing that.

Soft ice cream serve and milkshakes go so well with sweet, salty french fries for some reason. Perhaps it’s the mixture of cold and dry. Maybe it’s the mix of sweet and salty tastes.

Either way, people swear by this unlikely combination of food, so you should probably try it out. It’s kind of like the popcorn and candy.

You prefer sweet and salty combinations, don’t you? What’s different in this respect? 

The next one sounds great to you, or disgusting, depending on where you come from.

Fruit and Balsamic Vinegar

The unusual combination is most often seen served on garden salads.

Someone had the notion, for some reason, that the sour taste of vinegar might go well with fruit.

But you don’t just have to restrict yourself to strawberries, balsamic vinegar is often paired with raspberries too.

Sometimes you can also find balsamic vinaigrettes already made in them, with the fruit flavor.

It makes for a great mix of food, obviously, but I guess you won’t know until you try. Let’s move on to another strange mix of meat.

Honey-Dipped Sausage

This mixture is probably eaten as a snack for breakfast. Although it may sound odd, it may sound very similar to something you’ve eaten before.

Have you ever had a corn dog for breakfast before?

Okay, that’s just a sausage link wrapped in a pancake and plunged into syrup.

Yup is like a flower, so what’s the big difference?

Anyway, you probably had a pancake running over your bacon from your waffles before and you probably liked it.

Sweet and savory after all, they have a habit of going together well!

The next one is something you’ve probably never thought about yourself.

Mac n Cheese and Doritos

What more could you expect of such a list? The response, obviously, is: A lot more.

Who would have thought it would be appetizing to break up Doritos chips and mix them into mac n cheese?

Yet a lot of people like this combination.

Perhaps it is something that compares the creamy cheese with the snap or the salty texture of the Doritos.

One could imagine how Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos ‘ zesty flavor could make the mac n cheese even better.

Put aside your bookings, and try this one!

The next one certainly sounded disgusting to me before I was doing it!

Peanut Butter and Pickles Sandwich

Everybody knows that peanut butter is very popular with sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).

And everyone knows that pickles go well on sandwiches (that is, deli sandwiches), but did you know you might just miss out on what could be a better sandwich than that? That’s Okay.

You can apparently make a mixture of those two tried and true sandwich toppings. Many people love peanut butter, and pickle sandwiches as a food mix, despite their notion’s strangeness.

Could you please try this pairing? Let’s end the list with the strangest one that we could find.

Apple Juice and Goldfish

Goldfish dipped in apple juice is the last of those satisfying but unusual food combinations on this list.

Have you ever thought these would fit together well? What’s more, have you ever thought you could dip goldfish into anything?

Some people wouldn’t picture this combination, but some people apparently think it’s pretty decent.

Just like these other strange but tasty combinations of food, you’re going to have to try to let it prove your notions wrong.

Before you give it a chance you never know how something tastes!