5 Tips to Achieve the Best Home Entertainment System Ever

Having a great home entertainment system is something we all dream about but often never achieve. This could be because the components of a entertainment system are expensive or because most people don’t have enough disposable income to invest in such a thing.


The key components of a great home entertainment system are obviously the TV/screen, sound system and comfy sofa/chair. The key should be to replicate a true cinema experience in the home, but without the people loudly eating popcorn behind you.


Whether you are looking for actual tips to build your own dream set up, or are just.. well.. Dreaming, keep reading to see how you can achieve the best home entertainment system ever.


The Screen


The first tip is to invest in a big, 4K screen. While the technology is there to surpass 4K, it will be a while before this goes mainstream and is at all necessary.


One of the main components of the home entertainment system is the actual thing you will be viewing the entertainment on. The technology present in televisions has become immense in recent years surpassing what we thought possible. From rollable TV’s to TV’s as this as a coin. These high end TV’s don;t come cheap unfortunately, with the industry leading large 4k UHD TV’s costing upwards of £4,000.


However, another option could be to buy a projector. Good projectors are often a lot cheaper than good quality TV’s and can be turned into larger screens. The downside is needing to have a big blank, white wall and somewhere to hang or place the projector.


The Soundsystem


The second tip is to not overlook the sound. Having a good sound system can transform the entertainment system from good, to great.


Most affordable sound systems have 5.1 channels which means 5 speakers that you place around you, and most often in front of you. For a great system you should go for the 7.2 which includes 2 speakers that go behind you, creating a true surround sound system.

These sound systems don’t come cheap, but an important aspect is a good subwoofer. A good quality sound system can be purchased for around £1,000.


The Seating


Don’t neglect the seating arrangement! It may be easy to get sucked into the tech and splash the cash on a good screen and speakers but if you have to enjoy it on the floor it won’t be worth it.


Investing in a big comfy sofa that you can sink into could become the heart of the entertainment system. Unfortunately, these big sofas or big comfy lazy boy chairs often cost the same as a sound system of television. 


The Internet


The fourth tip is to invest in a fast internet connection. 5 years ago I would be telling you to invest in a good quality bluray player, but times have changed. As you can now stream and film or TV series in 4K over the internet, there is no need for this ancient technology.


With services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offering a huge library of films and series in high quality investing in a fast internet connection to avoid buffering and reduced quality could be the best thing you ever do. Imagine investing in all this tech for your internet to let you down and stop the film every 5 minutes to buffer.




The last tip for creating the best home entertainment system is the design. Depending on whether you’re creating a separate man cave, or a home theater in the living room, you might not want the room looking like a full on cinema 24/7.


Design the entertainment system around your current space by hiding speakers in bookshelves for example. 


Ambiance is often underrated. Get some movie posters or some classic cinema paraphernalia to really transform the space into a true home entertainment setup.