7 New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap

7 New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap

You look at it either way, a new car is an investment

This can also add up the cost of the car itself, plus registration, taxes, repairs and fuel. But the comfort offered by owning a car is no alternative, and often it’s the only realistic way to get to work on time.

Luckily smart shopping will help you find a reliable new car (search now) at a fair price. One successful tactic is to classify vehicles which are sold only in countries in South America, not the United States.

In North America peddled vehicles are often filled with unnecessary features blocking the price.

Used cars are always less expensive, but they don’t come with that new car smell. 

You also get a manufacturer’s warranty with a new vehicle that protects you from getting hit by a huge repair bill in the first months of your car ownership.

If you are committed to buying new, stick with us to discover 7 great makes that won’t break the bank.

Dodge Atos

Base Price: 149,844 pesos ($7800 USD)

If you don’t need a lot of space in your new truck, consider the Dodge Atos subcompact hatchback.

While it is only 137.6 inches tall, it has four doors.

The Atos is powered by a four-cylinder, 1.1 liter engine that drives this lightweight vehicle to a top speed of 159 km / h. ABS, airbags, and air conditioning (search now) requirements can be required to come into the Atos.

Interestingly, while the Atos is sold under the Dodge name, it’s actually being manufactured in India by Hyundai.

For this reason it is considered a reliable vehicle  and is sometimes used as a taxi.

Incredible discounts can be found on the Atos, as the Dodge i10, also manufactured by Hyundai, has recently replaced it.

Dodge i10

Base Price: 166,584 pesos ($8600 USD)

The i10 is also built in India and is fitted with a 1.1 liter four cylinder engine. And unlike the Atos, air conditioning isn’t included in the base price.

Yet the i10 is much more spacious with a length of 140.35 inches.

To the backseat passengers, more legroom has been built in and a range of ergonomic features fit drivers of different heights.

The i10 has elegant styling including pulled-back headlamps, chrome-lined grille, and clear lens fog lamps built-in.

There is a chrome-lined boot release handle at the tailgate. When you spend a little more comfortably, the i10 comes in a Grand edition with sleeker styling and more room as well.

Nissan March

Base Price: 175,932 pesos ($9100 USD)

The Nissan March is a sporty little hatchback whose double-layer grille and massive headlights have been described as happy-looking.

The March is manufactured in Thailand and features a long wheelbase for a 2440 mm hatchback.

This also has a high roofline and adequate back leg room which makes this comfortable for both driver and passenger alike. For round vents and a circular disk for ventilation and audio power (search now), the interior styling is based on circles.

With the March, you get a 1.2 liter, three cylinder engine that can get you up to 152 km / h.

The automatic version (search now) comes with regular air conditioning, but not the manual. The suspension handles city driving bumps and ridges, but isn’t designed for off-road travel.

All in all, the March is a solid city vehicle that keeps you behind the wheel happy.

Chevrolet Beat

Base Price: 186,032 pesos ($9700 USD)

The Chevrolet Beat is also sold in the U.S. under the name Fire, but there the price represents some additional U.S. regulatory costs  like 10 airbags!

In South America, without costly needless components, you get the same 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with 103 hp.

The Beat is made in South Korea, by GM Daewoo. The first Beat generation featured distinctive cat-eye headlights but these were changed out in the newer model for more understated rectangular lights.

The new front end has new tail lights  and hatch door has a lower front the rear end.

Inside, you’ll find the revamped Beat has a sleek new gage cluster and center stack, plus an upgraded infotainment system from Chevy MyLink.

VW Nuevo Golf

Base Price: 191,093 pesos ($9950 USD)

Built in Brazil, the Gol has the same architecture as the VW Polo but is a few inches shorter.

The engine varies across South America; it is a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder model, in Mexico.

If you have a child, the Gol could be ideal particularly if you need to secure a car seat in the back.

To this end it provides extremely secure ISOFIX anchorages. The safety features include ABS braking and a seat belt warning.

It also includes all kinds of other comfort devices (search now), including a third headrest in the back, electronic windows and a rear parking signal.

You’ll also enjoy the Device Connect feature, which allows you to attach and monitor your mobile phone through the steering wheel buttons.

Ford Ikon

Base Price: 196,581 pesos ($10,200 USD)

The Ford Ikon is almost similar with the Ford Fiesta, but both versions are available for sale in South America.

The Ikon is a rare affordable sedan but if you prefer it also comes in a hatchback. The sedan has a 1.6 liter, four cylinder engine, and comes with a manual five-speed transmission as standard.

Built robust, the Ikon can handle wonderfully and stand up to rough driving.

One downside to the Ikon is the cost of maintenance (search now). Ford suggests just removing the pieces instead of repairing them.

Which means that minimal harm can be very expensive to fix. Some users have also complained that the interior does not have good places for loose objects to be stored.

VW Vento

Base Price: 209,990 pesos ($10,900 USD)

The Volkswagen Vento was introduced in the South American market in 2014 to replace the VW Clasico.

It has two options for engines: a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine with a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic DSG gearbox, and a 1.6-liter diesel engine mated only to a five-speed manual gearbox (TDI).

The most accessible edition of this entry is called Look.

Standard equipment includes air conditioning, power locks, remote trunk opening, three-point seat belts in both front and back seats, three read dome lights, single front headlights, center rear brake light, driver and passenger airbags, ABS, automatic windows and four speakers.

Aluminum 15 “wheels suit 185/60R15 tyres.