How to add value to your home

How to add value to your home

How well you can do this will depend on location and how the local market is operating at the moment. However, there are some add-ons that appeal to consumers anywhere.


 One of the most cost-effective ways to add value to a home is to make a simple decoration. Strive to improve the quality of your goods rather than completely change your style and design.

Neutral color schemes, cramped rooms, and simple, modern, and investment facilities are places where your money is better spent. The key is to introduce a blank fabric so that the consumer can see himself living in your home, attracting more interest which will increase your sales price.

New bathrooms and kitchens may also make the item more attractive to consumers. Adding quartz worktops can drastically increase the value of your home and the general ambiance.

Fitting out the space with a nice rug, luxury bed linens or even leather sofas is also a good idea, as this all adds to the look and feel of the home when people are viewing it, even if it comes at an added expense.

However, the cost of upgrading can exceed the maximum amount you can earn when you sell it, depending on the level of finish and the vendors used.



Extensions create a “wow” moment for consumers. Open-plan extensions can create a wow factor that often is enough to sell a house on its own. Two-story extensions that create more living space are often the best way to add value.

However, it is more expensive and often done to improve accommodation, rather than simply increase value.

The average price can be quite high, depending on size. This includes important building materials, such as foundations and fittings, but does not include VAT or finishing touches such as decorating or kitchen installation.

The government recently relaxed planning rules to make it easier for homeowners to add two more floors to their homes. Applications are now processed through a quick-track editing process, reducing the average duration of the permit from 16 weeks to eight weeks.

However, homeowners still need to consider carefully the impact on neighbors and the appearance of the extension.

Loft modification

Extending the loft adds much-needed space, as it can increase the number of people able to work from home.

It takes six to eight weeks to complete, on average, with the most expensive conversion being one that involves changing the shape of the roof.

Our research shows that adding more space, such as changing a loft or conservatory, will increase the number of potential buyers. Buyers also understand the importance of beautiful windows and sturdy roofs. These are important things that will save you time and money over time and may even conflict with your interests. ”

An extra study room in an extension with a nice leather sofa and a luxury rug is a trick that many estate agents use.

Garden space

With the latest restrictions on locks, gardens or outdoor areas are in high demand among homeowners, real estate agents say. Keeping a garden up-to-date will add value while adding decorative space can give buyers the benefit of extended living space.

A private garden house or shed in the garden is also very popular with consumers. They have the flexibility to use it as an outdoor living space, yoga class, or home office. Those fully equipped with heat, plumbing, and electricity could add up to 5 percent of the value of a building, Leaders said.


Adding value to your home is a tricky affair and one that isn’t certain. Think of it as an investment and sometimes a gamble. But it is one that could pay off. Small touches such as fitting out the space with a nice rug, luxury bed linens, or even leather sofas could add significant appeal to the look and feel of the home when people are viewing it. Take our options into account and see what fits into your budget, as it could pay off big time.