5 Ideas to prepare your garden for summer

5 Ideas to prepare your garden for summer

Spring is now well on its way and summer is just around the corner; long days, blossoming flowers, and a new sense of happiness. When the sun pokes its head out, it means that it is time to get outside and get your garden in order.  It’s okay that you’ve let it get messy over winter, but now that you are going to spend lots of time there soaking up the summer rays, listen to these tips to prepare your garden.


We think it is one of the best times of the year, and for this, here are our top five tips for preparing your spring garden for flowering.


General Clean


A general tidy in preparation for the summer is a good place to start. Remove dead branches from trees and shrubs and clear dead leaves if you have not already done so. Get rid of the clutter you do not need, broken items and general rubbish can be cleared away easily. Make a plan and think of the end result you want to achieve; maybe even write down a list of the jobs needed to get the garden in perfect shape.


Take care of the plants


If you are planning to rearrange your beds before summer, now is a good time to do so while your trees have not yet sprouted. It is good to rearrange your plants once in a while as this will give your garden a different look for next year. Turn the soil with a fork and remove all weeds, digging deep into the ground to remove roots. Apply fresh compost to the bed at least two weeks before planting new flowers.

Shop for some great addition to your garden

With a simple search online you will be able to find lots of different types of furniture; from rattan garden furniture to single decor pieces or maybe even just some colourful buntings.

If you have a small budget, you can look for some accessories rather than a new furniture set, or maybe you could look into some second-hands shops and recycle some pieces. There are lots of inspirational blogs where you can find ideas on how to spruce up your garden on a low budget.

Grow some vegetables


Now is a good time to plant vegetables. Popular options include spinach, herbs, leeks, and lettuce. Be sure to feed more than any of the first bulbs when expecting a cold morning.

Horticultural Oils


If you have apples and pear trees in your garden, or trees or shrubs that have an insect-resistant nature, horticultural oil is a good and natural, pesticide-killing method. Now is also a good time to shape any of your trees or shrubs before they start to emerge. There are plenty of tutorial video that can show you how to look after your trees; and if you have some cash available you can always book a tree surgeon to do it for you.


Clean your patio


Everything is nice and comfortable with perfect flowerbeds, but if the patio looks ugly, this can have a big impact on the overall look of your garden. The patio is the place where we will sit, eat and gather around the outdoor table. Therefore, be sure to kneel and rub the slabs. When you find stones, remove any small weeds and remove the shoots and leaves.

The garden can be a wonderful place where you entertain friends and family throughout the summer months, but if it is a mess and is uncared for then no one will want to come over and enjoy it. Look at these tips and set aside some time to clean up your garden, spruce up the plants and give it a new life. Just thinking how nice it will be to relax there and soak up the summer sun knowing it is well cared for.