Why Do Over 60s Enjoy Cruises?

Why Do Over 60s Enjoy Cruises?

Cruising has taken the world by storm over the last decade with people of all ages discovering the benefit of this all-inclusive way of travelling. However, cruising has become synonymous with the over 60s because of the ease at which it is possible to see the world. 


There are now many cruises specifically for the elderly, with many of the large cruise operators offering some of the best cruises for seniors. Companies such as Fred Olsen and Saga have multiple ships and dedicated cruises specifically for their senior guests. If you think about it, cruises are perfect for this age group as they allow them to see the world while essentially in the comfort of their own home. Traversing the oceans while having all the comforts of a luxury hotel and shopping centre at your fingertips; what could be better than that? Another big reason is that many seniors don’t like flying. Similarly, trying to figure out a new country is just not something they want to do. They want to be comfortable while travelling.


But why do the over 60s enjoy cruises so much? Let’s take a look.



Once you’ve made it to the ship, found your room and unpacked, you’re ready for weeks upon weeks of relaxation without having to think about lifting a finger. You have a spa, multiple restaurants, gym and swimming pool all within walking distance with an amazing view to boot. There’s absolutely no stress at all, just sit back and enjoy the view as you traverse the world’s oceans. The best cruises for seniors are the ones with included activities. These cruises have a built-in theatre, senior exercise classes and evening activities such as bingo!

Easy Sightseeing

Think about the alternative. You would jump on a plane, travel to the hotel, travel to restaurants and sightseeing and then get back on a plane. Having to constantly travel everywhere is a bit of a nightmare and definitely not at all relaxing. The best cruises for seniors allow them to easily see the sights by stopping at famous ports and landmarks. The cruise companies also provide easy transport on land for easy sightseeing up close.



The best cruises for seniors allow them to mingle with their friends in an enjoyable environment. As travelling becomes harder at this age, many friends across the country might not see each other for a long time and be able to spend dedicated time together on a cruise is a perfect solution. Cruises last for a couple of weeks usually, a long time to catch up with old friends. Even if you don’t come with friends, you will definitely leave with some. The dedicated senior cruises are filled with like-minded individuals that you will get to know over the course of the cruise.


Value for Money

Cruises are usually cheaper than the equivalent holidays. Because of the number of people that can fit on board, the best cruises for seniors offer great value for money with lots of added extras such as all-inclusive food and drinks. You can spend weeks on board for the same price as a normal holiday abroad and you get to enjoy all the amazing facilities and see the sites at the same time. 


The over 60s love cruises because they offer all the benefits that they want on a holiday in one comfortable package. Once on the ship, there is nothing to worry about, everything is available within walking distance. They don’t need to worry about where to eat or what to do, they can just focus on relaxing. The best cruises for seniors are the ones dedicated to them, with bespoke activities and on land services to ensure their comfort throughout the cruise.