Which Cruise Line Has The Best Cruises for Singles?

Which Cruise Line Has The Best Cruises for Singles?

It is no surprise that cruising has continued to grow and become more popular over the years. The ability to make yourself at home on what is basically a moving city allows you to experience the world in one of the most comfortable, convenient and unique ways possible.


With so many different types of cruises and destinations to choose from, it is almost feasible to visit every corner of the earth on a cruise liner. From river cruises in the USA to magical Arctic cruises and even cruises for singles in the beautiful Caribbean, whatever type of holiday you are looking for, you can probably find it on a cruise ship.


While you may think that a cruising holiday is a quintessential family affair, think again, your typical family cruises are a thing of the past. Say hello to cruises for singles. No more children frolicking in the pools or families taking up all the tables at dinner time, just a serene vacation filled with equally open-minded single people.


Cruising for singles is now a booming industry with the leading cruise lines altering their ships to suit the new phenomenon. What was once a treacherous holiday filled with expensive rooms and hidden supplementary costs to accommodate individuals, is now an enjoyable tailored experience.


Norwegian Cruise Lines ushered in the change with the introduction of studio rooms, taking away the issues and stigma surrounding cruising for singles. Other cruise lines jumped on the trend and started tailoring their ships and experiences to lone travellers shortly after.


With the industry continuing to grow and more cruise lines offering cruises for singles, it’s hard to choose between them.


Luckily, we have scoured the customer reviews, brochures and websites to figure out which cruise lines have the best cruises for singles.


P&O Cruises


One of the titans of the cruising industry, P&O have been incorporating single cabins into a lot of their ships. Surprisingly sleek single rooms complete with en-suite bathrooms are very affordable and can be found on their Arcadia and Britannia ships, to name a few.


For those looking for a true cruising for singles experience, you do have the option of joining an adult-only cruise with P&O. While not exclusively a singles cruise, you will be joined by a handful of like-minded singles and a whole host of mature adults. The facilities on these types of cruises are lush. Spas, decadent restaurants, casinos and art galleries are just some of the adult-friendly facilities you can enjoy on your cruise for singles.


For the UK holidaymakers out there, P&O also offers complimentary tea and coffee with facilities available in each room. Similarly, like a fine hotel, you will also be able to enjoy free toiletries to adequately pamper yourself. On a couple of their cruise ships, events are organised specifically for single passengers where you can meet other single guests over a coffee or cocktail.


Norwegian Cruises


Norwegian are very much thought of in the cruising world as the true inventors or initiators of the cruising for singles movement. In 2010 they created studio cabins on one of their ships that were all located close together with an adjoining singles lounge. Like P&O, they also offer an array of singles activities and events catered to adults.


Diving head-first into the cruising for singles lifestyle, Norwegian has created a double-decker lounge that is exclusively for the single passengers. This funky lounge features complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as an alcohol ending machine. A large board is utilised by the single passengers to communicate and arrange activities and excursions.


Fred. Olsen Cruises


While the other two options offer an impressive array of single cabins, Fred Olsen cruises offer a very impressive array. Across all their ships they have various different room options for singles that include balconies, inside and outside rooms, superior rooms and suites. There are also more rooms for singles than each of the other two.


UK readers will appreciate the inclusion of Fred Olsen on this list as their classic British ships resemble the interior of a quaint BnB. The upscale design and culture of a Fred Olsen cruise is one that is meant for a mature audience. There are multiple fine-dining restaurants to choose from including the well-known Four Seasons Restaurant, as well as a handful of cafes and bars. Fred Olson also offers activities for single passengers such as dancing.


For those of you interested in a cruising for singles holiday, you will surely have the best time of your life if you select one of these options. These cruise lines are titans of the industry and offer exceptional ships. They have fully embraced the singles crowd and designed their ships with you in mind. While Fred Olsen is more expensive than the other two, the decor and dining aboard are world-class. The only thing left to decide is where you want to cruise, as cruises from these three companies operate all over the world.