The best computer coding languages to learn

The best computer coding languages to learn

So, you’ve decided to take up coding but don’t know which language to choose, the unfortunate thing about computer coding is that each coding language is very similar to an actual language in the sense that it is complicated and you can only really learn one at a time.


To answer this question, you will need to do some more thinking as this is a personal question. The best coding languages to learn will depend on what you want to do with the language and at what stage of your education you are at. If you are looking to enrol in an online coding school, they will probably have some resources that inform you about what each language is best at and which is easiest etc.


There really is no right answer to which language is best, although the debates will go on and on about why this language is better than this other language.


See, these languages have been carefully developed over many years to be simple and efficient at certain programming tasks and then altering the code and continue managing it. Once you have spent the time learning a certain language, you will most likely think that this language is the best one because you understand it.


Don’t fall into this trap of siding with one language. True knowledge and coding proficiency comes from critiquing a language’s downfalls and its positives and then learning from other languages and your powers to discern which language is best for which task and which is best for you. Coding is more of a lifestyle than a skill.


If you are getting ready to sign up to your online coding school of choice and need to pick one language, we can help. Let us take you through the best coding languages to learn in 2021.

  • Javascript

Javascript is one of the original coding languages and was instrumental in making the world wide web what it is today. It is primarily a website language and sites behind your favourite websites, making them do exactly what they should do. While it is slightly outdated, it is still very beneficial and widely used to this day.


  • Swift

If you like Apple and what they are doing with IOS then Swift is probably the right language for you. It underpins IOS and most of the apps than are available on the app store. It has been designed with this exact purpose in mind, to be synonymous with Apple and the apps that run on its devices.


  • Python

Python is incredibly easy to learn and easy to use coding language that has a variety of different uses. It is similar to Javascript in the sense that it is widely used for web browser-based coding and has more recent counterparts that may be more efficient. 


  • C#

Developed by Microsoft, this coding language is a popular one with Microsoft or Windows developers and is also quite easy to use. If you are interested in gaming and have a fascination with 3D gaming, this language is very useful for that purpose.


  • Go

Go is the coding language of choice for Google and has quite a steep learning curve, so it may not be the most ideal starting language for beginners. It is used to build complex systems and contributes to machine learning, a very complicated area of programming.


If you are gearing up to start your first classes at your new online coding school, you will want to make sure you select the right code to learn. The various coding schools online courses to choose from, it can be overwhelming but don’t worry, the above list lays out the basics of each language and what it is used for. It is good to start with a language that is applied to things you enjoy and use a lot so you can easily understand its application. The jury is still out on the ‘best’ coding language; this can remain a personal question for mow.