Latest Safety Apps to Protect Children

Latest Safety Apps to Protect Children

Children now have access to a mobile device and the internet at a younger age than ever before, which means that there need to be sufficient measures in place to keep them safe.


These safety apps can be downloaded on you and your child’s device, allowing you to monitor their calls and texts, track their location and block certain apps or web content. These features give you the ability to find a potentially harmful activity before it gets too serious.


The internet is flooded with inappropriate content, scammers, hackers and generally bad people that we want our children to stay away from. Unfortunately, it is very easy to come across this content or find your way to bad corners of the internet unintentionally. Children probably don’t understand the ins and outs of the internet, what not to click on and what not to search, which is why barriers need to be put up.


However, they still need to be allowed certain freedom and the independence to explore the good things the internet has to offer. Luckily, there is a whole host of apps with dedicated parental controls and antivirus software to keep children safe online.

While there aren’t a lot of new child safety apps coming out each year, the current apps are constantly being updated and improved to ensure they can optimally protect your children by giving you the best features.


So which are the latest safety apps to protect children?



If you are looking for an app that does it all, you can stop looking. FamilyTime has every function you could possibly want, built-in to one user-friendly app. From real-time location tracking, antivirus and geofencing to text and screen-time monitoring, you can have as much control as you want over your child’s mobile habits.


The app offers a free trial period before you are tied to their annual subscription. The price of this subscription is dependent on how many devices you want to monitor.


Net Nanny

This app is also well regarded around the world for its many features and intuitive design. If you have a different device to your child you can rest assured that it will work perfectly across android and IOS. It also even works on Kindle devices, if you have a model that has internet browser functionality. Net Nanny has detailed internet filtering options, location tracking, built-in antivirus software and gives you the option to block contact with specified accounts or people.


Net Nanny offers three annual subscriptions that vary in price depending on the number of devices. There is also a free version that has decreased functionality but is useful in giving you an idea of the interface and user experience.


Kaspersky Safe Kids

This application isn’t quite as much of a complete service as the others, but it offers a great set of features at a reduced price. You have the ability to monitor location, texts, calls, screen time and social media, and can even set alerts for your child around these. It even includes some unique features, such as the ability to monitor your child’s battery level. It is said to work across IOS and Android but some users have reported problems and functionality issues on iPhones.



Bark leans heavily on their unique algorithms that aim to detect dangerous words and prompt you to step in. This is especially useful if you are worried about bullying, or something similar, and want to monitor your child’s texts. Bark provides a comprehensive, easy to use hub for parents to control all the tracking aspects they wish.

In terms of pricing, Bark allows you to track unlimited apps and devices for a monthly fee of under £10, which is pretty remarkable.


This is a big decision for any parent to make and it is not an easy one. When choosing the app it comes down to what you want to track and how reliable these services are. Be sure to do your research and look at reviews to make sure the app i