How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip?

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip?

While it may not be everyone’s cup of team, a road trip is an amazing way to see the world while saving money and covering as much ground as humanly possible. If being cramped in a car for days on end with your friends sounds perfect, then keep reading to find out how to plan the ultimate trip.


If you’re looking for holiday deals, you won’t find much better than the road trip option. While this won’t pop up on and holiday comparison websites, it needs to be at the back of your mind constantly as a last-minute option.


It may not be the most ideal way to travel, but the experience of a road trip is unmatched. Piling into a people carrier with your closest friends and embarking on a once in a lifetime adventure across treacherous terrain and unknown lands; doesn’t it just sound wonderful?


A road trip could also save you a lot of money! When you’re next scouring the internet for the best holiday deals and cheap flights, consider driving to your location instead. Driving to close-by European countries with five or so people in the car could save a lot of money on airfare, and if you find a great holiday deal on a hotel or even car rental, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Now, leave that juicy holiday deal in your checkout basket for a minute and let’s discuss how to plan the perfect road trip.


Plan Your Route and Stops First

Depending on the distance of the road trip, you will want to plan your route and stops before you leave to save a lot of heartaches. This will allow you to skip toll roads and find the most efficient route to your destination, saving you time and money. It will also allow you to plan to stop at landmarks along the way; the journey is often better than the destination.


For long drives in the car, the last thing you want is your passengers getting hungry and, therefore, annoying. Because it’s hard to plan every stop to eat, it’s a good idea to fill up a bag of tasty snacks to keep everyone happy while you’re cruising across the country. A road trip is also a great excuse to indulge on the finest petrol station cuisine around. After all, you are on holiday, so treat yourself!



Music. This is incredibly crucial. Don’t wait until you are in the car to create a playlist on the fly, it can only end badly and in heated arguments. Cultivate a playlist full of classic hits and road trip classics that your whole party will enjoy. It’s important to have a good variety and assign DJ’s so everyone gets their turn to listen to their favourite tunes. This is an important step in keeping everyone awake and the morale high.


Check Your Car

So, you’ve found an incredible holiday deal online at a hotel for your specific dates. You embark on your road trip and run into car trouble, missing out on this once in a lifetime holiday deal. Don’t let this happen to you. Perform a thorough check of your vehicle before you set off. You could even take it in for a general service just to be extra sure. Check the tyre pressure, oil levels, engine and fluid levels.



The last thing to do is enjoy! Road trips are a unique way to see the country, so sit back and enjoy the scenery with your closest friends. If you do all the planning beforehand, you won’t have to worry about anything once you’re on the way.


When searching for holiday deals online, remember, a road trip could be the best holiday deal about. Either take your own car or rent one and embark on a continental voyage with your friends. Prepare your music, check over the car and plan a route to ensure you can enjoy the trip stress-free. You will visit never before seen places, find enjoyment in the smallest things and be overjoyed to stop at every petrol station, road trips are truly unique. Planning is key to a once in a lifetime road trip.